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Liturgy Collective 2023: A Gathering for Rest, Connection, and Growth

Liturgy Collective 2023: A Gathering for Rest, Connection, and Growth

Joshua Swanson

The theme this year is Sing the Songs of Zion: Beauty & Exile

Nashville, Tennessee, from October 12-14

The Liturgy Collective is a gathering for church musicians, pastors, and worshippers from across the globe. The focus of the event is “Rest, Connection, and Growth.” The organizers believe that these are essential elements for healthy and vibrant worship. The event will offer opportunities for participants to rest, connect with others, and grow in their understanding of worship.

Tim Nicholson: This gathering began in 2021 to create community, fellowship, and rest for church musicians, pastors, and worshippers. In our very first session in our first year, Dr. Curt Thompson challenged us to put ourselves and our congregations “In the path on oncoming beauty”. This has become a sort of unofficial mission statement for Liturgy Collective. We try to put worship leaders, pastors, and church musicians in the path on oncoming beauty through curating worship services in a range of styles, slow experiences with art and music, content with thought leaders from across the country, and shared meals to foster new and old friendships. The conference is intentionally small to help foster community.

The event will feature a variety of speakers, workshops, and performances. Speakers will include Bryan Chapell, Steve Guthrie, Kevin Twit, Sandra McCracken, Zac HicksScotty Smith, and more! Workshops will cover topics such as leading worship, writing music, and using technology in worship.

Zac Hicks for the Worship Leader Institute

This year, Liturgy Collective attendees will receive priority access to an art exhibition opening with Makoto Fujimura entitled My Bright Abyss: Paintings & Prints, as well as a special concert and live album recording by artists from Anchor Hymns including Paul Baloche, Sandra McCracken, Dee Wilson, Caroline Cobb, Sarah Kroger, Stefan Cashwell, Ricky Vazquez, Melanie Penn, Brent Milligan, Chris Strawder, Andrew Osenga, Jason Houtsma, Buddy Greene, Ashley Cleveland, Zach Bolen and more TBA!

Makoto Fujimura

Registration for the event is now open. The cost is $299 for regular registration. Students can register for $99.

For more information and to register, please visit the Liturgy Collective website:

“What a wonderful few days. I keep reflecting on the riches of fellowship and the work of the Spirit in just a relatively short period of time. Thank you for making this happen.”

Greg Wilbur, Chief Musician at Cornerstone Presbyterian & Dean of New College Franklin
Franklin, TN

– – – – – – –

“I personally loved attending a conference that had a manageable size of people so there was less of an overwhelming factor and we could all focus on the incredible content. I’m floored at how well done it was. Thank you so much!”

Rachel Wilhelm, Minister of Music and Arts, Apostles ACNA
Knoxville, TN

Scenes from Liturgy Collective 2022

If you are a church musician, pastor, or worship leader, we encourage you to consider attending the Liturgy Collective event in Nashville this October. It is a great opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with others who are passionate about worship.

A Devotional Podcast with Sarah Kroger of Anchor Hymns

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