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Red Rocks Worship Discusses Ministry and Music on The Walk Podcast

Red Rocks Worship Discusses Ministry and Music on The Walk Podcast

Joshua Swanson

In the latest episode of The Walk Podcast, I had the privilege of sitting down with the incredible members of Red Rocks Worship for an enlightening conversation about their ministry, music, and the challenges they face. This episode features Tyler Roberts, Kory Miller, Sidney Bakken, and Kendra Benay from Red Rocks Worship, a collective from Colorado known for their impactful worship music and dynamic ministry.

The Fluid Nature of the Collective

I kicked off the discussion by addressing the unique setup of Red Rocks Worship as both a church ministry and a collective. Tyler Roberts, the worship pastor, explained the fluid nature of their team, emphasizing that the collective evolves as different worship leaders come and go, always aiming to build the local church. This fluidity, Roberts noted, is a strength that allows the Lord to continuously bring new gifts to their team.

Leading Worship in Different Cities

The conversation then shifted to their experiences leading worship in various cities, particularly highlighting their current visit to Portland. Sidney Bakken shared her reflections on the distinct spiritual atmosphere of each city and church they visit, noting the history and unique feelings each place evokes. The team expressed their excitement about ministering in Portland, sensing a special move of God in the area.

Insights into Songwriting and the Album “Ascend”

I delved into the music of Red Rocks Worship, particularly focusing on their latest album, “Ascend.” Kory Miller discussed the deep personal and collective significance of the song “Ascend,” born out of years of intense spiritual growth and repentance. The team’s songwriting process was highlighted as a blend of personal testimonies and faith-driven declarations, each song carrying its own powerful story.

The Release of “Ascend” and Music Video Premiere

Red Rocks Worship recently released their new album, Ascend, after more than a year of preparation. Alongside the album release, they premiered the music video for “There’s No Way.” The group shared, “Our hope is that no matter where the listener finds themselves on that path, they would take the next step in trusting God and living out the freedom that life with Him provides.” Tyler Roberts added, “We titled the album Ascend after Psalm 24, which states, ‘Who can ascend the mountain of God, who can be in the presence of the Lord? Those with clean hands, and those with pure hearts.'”

Impact of Cultural Events on Worship Music

As they prepare for their next album, the members reflected on the influence of current cultural events on their music. Tyler Roberts explained that their focus is on unifying the church and emphasizing that Jesus is the constant amidst changing circumstances. This approach drives their songwriting, aiming to galvanize the church in times of division and uncertainty.

Addressing Spiritual Warfare

The podcast also addressed the spiritual warfare that worship leaders often face. Kendra Benay shared her personal experiences with spiritual attacks in her dreams, emphasizing the importance of prayer and seeking God’s truth. The team discussed the necessity of standing firm in faith and using worship as a weapon against spiritual challenges.

Encouragement for Worship Leaders and Believers

In closing, the members of Red Rocks Worship offered encouragement to worship leaders and believers to stay in the fight, continually praise God, and rely on Him for peace and strength. They highlighted the importance of writing faith-filled anthems that believers can carry with them throughout their daily lives.

This episode of The Walk Podcast provides a deep and heartfelt look into the lives and ministry of Red Rocks Worship, offering listeners both inspiration and practical insights into leading worship and navigating the challenges of ministry.

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