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The place of music in worship is to enable us to pray.

Music is not to be focused on the performer – rather on the congregation – engaging with God and other believers.

We believe music is a servant of prayer.

This is a very big idea and therefore difficult to implement. That’s why the resources we provide are focused on: modeling, training and encouraging music as a servant of prayer.

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You're not alone.

We offer a place for practitioners, producers and educators to gather.


What’s in the Dirt?

God wants to take your weakness and use it to open your eyes and give you the breakthrough you’ve been crying out for.

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We’re All on the Worship Team

Is intimidation a factor at your church? Read more on a common problem that inhibits the worship of our congregations.

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In Defense of Fun

Why does leading worship sometimes leave us drained and defeated? Here are some thoughts on keeping worship excellent without canceling the enjoyment.

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Climate Carriers

How worship leaders can transcend cultures, performance issues, and other uncontrollables in a service of worship.

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Song Discovery Vol. 126

Song Discovery Volume 126 was originally published in 2016. TRACK CATEGORY SONG TITLE PERFORMED BY 1 Scripture Song Psalm 46 (Lord of Hosts) Shane &…...

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The Worship Leader Network aims to renew practices of worship in Christian communities, Christians in the arts of worship, with a special focus on music and the unique role of hymns and songs in building community and nourishing faith.

The WL Network offers a space in which the worship leaders of tomorrow can connect with each other, collaborate and create in worship design, and circulate ideas, songs, and best practices through the global Christian community.

Above all else, we seek to serve and assist individuals, congregations, and communities in “finding their voices” and raising them as they sing a new song to God.

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    • January WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Jan 28 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: Legality of Streaming Services (Audio + Video)
    • February WL Workshop
      • Date & Time: Feb 18 @3pm (ct)
      • Topic: Planning for Easter
      • March WL Workshop
        • Date & Time: Mar 25 @3pm (ct)
        • Topic: Age is Just a Number: Maintaining Relevance & Knowing When to Transition
      • April WL Workshop
        • Date & Time: Apr 22 @3pm (ct)
        • Topic: Going Beyond Top 20 When Creating Your Setlist
      • May WL Workshop
        • Date & Time: May 27 @3pm (ct)
        • Topic: The Importance of Upgrading Your Stage Environment
      • June WL Workshop
        • Date & Time: Jun 17 @3pm (ct)
        • Topic: Breaking Through Your Church Bubble – How to Connect with Your Local Community
      • July is NWLC – Our annual conference in Nashville, TN.
      • August WL Workshop
        • Date & Time: Aug 26 @3pm (ct)
        • Topic: How to Build Team Culture on a Rock Instead of Sand
      • September WL Workshop
        • Date & Time: Sep 30 @3pm (ct)
        • Topic: How to Write Songs for Your Community
      • October WL Workshop
        • Date & Time: Oct 28 @3pm (ct)
        • Topic: Planning for Christmas
      • November WL Workshop
        • Date & Time: Nov 18 @3pm (ct)
        • Topic: Finding Rest During the Holidays
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