“Jesus You Alone” from Highlands Worship

What a great conversation with John Larson, who heads up the worship department at Church of the Highlands in Alabama. Today, John shares the story behind a song that has become the anthem of their church during these turbulent times, “Jesus You Alone.” Check out this song and their latest releases at highlandsworship.com

Christmas Morning w/ The McClure’s

Finding Christmas worship songs can be a challenge but worship leaders, Paul and Hannah McClure from Bethel Church in Redding, CA have put together a fantastic collection of new songs perfect for using in Sunday Services. Check out the story and make sure you listen to their new project entitled Christmas Morning.

Glorify with Jordan Feliz

A sonic mix of culture, Glorify by Jordan Feliz is a straight up worship song that is connecting with a large audience and just went to #1 on the radio. The story behind the song reveals why it’s so anointed and timely for today. Don’t miss this one!

What Mercy Did For Me with Crystal Yates

What Mercy Did For Me was an unassuming song that almost didn’t make the cut. We sat down with Crystal Yates to learn about how the song was written at a creative camp with beginner writers!

Más Amor with Fearless BND

Los Angeles based Fearless Church released a creative worship project that included the latin pop urban infused song Más Amor. We spoke with the pastors about how they are reaching their diverse community and what it’s like to minister outside your own language.

Graves Into Gardens with Brandon Lake

One of the years biggest worship songs was Graves Into Gardens and we sat down with Brandon Lake to talk about how they wrote the song and what inspired his delivery of this powerful anthem.

The Blessing with Cody Carnes

Join us as we talk with Cody Carnes about how he and his wife Kari Jobe, along with Pastor Steven Furtick and Chris Brown from Elevation Church, wrote one of the year’s biggest songs “The Blessing.”

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