Episode 74

A Conversation With Lindy Cofer and Andy Byrd

The Send Nashville

From Worship to Action: The Send’s Rallying Cry for a Missionary Generation

In today’s exploration of the vibrant world of worship and mission, we delve into an enriching  “Conversations on the Walk,” where Joshua Swanson, Editor-in-Chief of Worship Leader Magazine, engages with Andy Byrd, Founder of The Send, and Lindy Cofer from Circuit Riders. This dialogue orbits around the nexus of worship, evangelism, and the galvanizing of a generation for missionary work.

What Is The Send?

The Send emerges as a beacon, rallying individuals from various walks of life to their missionary callings, with a particular emphasis on reaching every corner of society. Their event in Nashville, not just a gathering but a launch pad for action, underscores the imperative for spiritual awakening and transformation across generations.

The Send crafts a strategy pivoting on large-scale gatherings that empower and train believers to innovate and expand their reach. This strategy is as adaptable as it is dynamic, transcending geographical and cultural boundaries, from America to Norway, South Africa, and the Philippines.

A Commitment To Unity

Andy Byrd elucidates the Send’s dedication to unity among diverse denominations and Christian organizations. A meticulous campaign of collaboration, mobilization, and empowerment that culminates in impactful training and follow-ups is the crux of their mission. This unity is not just theoretical; it manifests in tangible outcomes and sustained efforts in mission fields.

Challenges Faced by The Send

One of the profound challenges The Send has faced in America, particularly post-COVID, is rallying the body of Christ. However, the success stories, like the emergence of Christian clubs in high schools and the unity movements among pastors, are a testament to the triumphs over these challenges. For Andy, leading The Send has been a faith-stretching journey, drawing him closer to Jesus amidst balancing the pressure and the incredible fruit. 

The Send and Worship

Lindy Cofer, a beacon of worship and mission, emphasizes the centrality of worship in The Send’s mission. She draws from Isaiah 6, highlighting the transformative power of worship in knowing and exalting Jesus, thus commissioning believers. She envisions worship as a potent tool for evangelism, breaking down barriers to the knowledge of God, and igniting a passion for mission through music.

Lindy’s spiritual journey has been deeply shaped by leading worship at The Send, experiencing the unifying force of collective, heartfelt worship. She anticipates a shift towards discipleship within the worship movement, steering away from celebrity culture towards a purer, more authentic expression of worship that magnifies Jesus and fosters transformation at every level of society.

The Send Nashville

As the conversation concludes, we are reminded of The Send’s upcoming event in Nashville, a clarion call for the church to step into their daily mission fields. The commitment of individuals like Andy and Lindy, and their innovative approaches to worship and evangelism, continue to inspire and activate believers worldwide.

In anticipation of the waves of change and revival that such movements will bring forth, we await with eagerness the new sounds and songs that will mark the continued move of God in our time.

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Who is Lindy Cofer?

Lindy Cofer is a mom, wife, and worship leader, and has a passion for foster care, adoption and advocacy for vulnerable children. Lindy and her husband, Chase have given their lives to activate and empower the Church to rise and be the solution for the 3.2 billion that have yet to hear the gospel in this nation and in the nations of the earth. They currently work full time as missionaries with The Send and YWAM Circuit Riders located in Huntington Beach, CA.

Who is Andy Byrd?

Andy Byrd and his wife Holly have dedicated their lives to spiritual awakening in the nations and in this generation. They work with a group of lifelong friends committed to consecrated community, Christ-centered living, revival, and cultural reformation. Andy is part of the leadership of the University of the Nations, YWAM Kona, and has been with YWAM for 25 years traveling to many different nations with a heart to raise up a revival generation. Andy and Holly have helped to pioneer Fire and Fragrance ministries, the Circuit Rider Movement, and The Send. One of the greatest joys of their lives and primary area of focus is their six children Asher, Makana, Hadassah, Rhema, Valor, and Chanel.

Music by Lindy Cofer

YouTube Version of This Conversation with Lindy Cofer and Andy Byrd

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