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Episode 83

A Conversation with Lucy Grimble

He is worth the pursuit.

The Spiritual Genesis of Lucy Grimble

between-the-shadow-and-the-sunIn a delightful and insightful episode of The Walk Podcast, Lucy Grimble, a gifted U.K.-based worship artist, sits down with Joshua Swanson, the sagacious Editor-in-Chief of Worship Leader Magazine. Together, they unveil the tapestry of Lucy’s spiritual journey, intertwined delicately with the rich heritage of Anglican worship and the profound, transformative encounter with the Toronto Blessing.

Lucy’s narrative begins in the quiet suburbs of London, within the venerable walls of a Victorian Anglican church, where the unsuspecting formality was lovingly interrupted by a divine wind — the Spirit’s touch. It was in these tender years that Lucy encountered the tangible reality of God’s presence, shaping her path and beckoning her into a commitment to Christ — a decision uniquely her own, stepping beyond familial faith.

The Heart of Authentic Worship

As we eavesdrop on their conversation, Lucy’s artistic voyage surfaces as one marked by authenticity. Her songwriting, a sanctuary of honest dialogue with God, resounds with the depth of psalms and the rawness of personal pilgrimage. She shares the emergence of her craft amidst faith’s awakening, melding the two in a harmonious expression of devotion.

Diversity and Desire: The Church in London

Swanson probes the landscape of Lucy’s context, the Anglican communion in London, rich with diversity and a universal thirst for the Spirit’s outpouring. Lucy’s experiences across the ecclesiastical spectrum — from high church ceremonies to Pentecostal vigor — bear witness to a collective desire for God’s transformative work in society.

Artistic Integrity in the Shadow of Industry

Amidst the richness of their dialogue, Lucy recounts the challenge of nurturing creativity in an environment divergent from the commercial hub of Nashville’s Christian Contemporary Music scene. With integrity and a desire to preserve the freedom of her artistic voice, Lucy embraces her roots in the U.K., savoring the earnest purity found in the fellowship of local artists.

The Birth of a Testimony Through Melody

The podcast glides into the reflective tones of Lucy’s latest album, a contemplative project birthed from the crucible of pandemic-driven despair. Here, in the tension between darkness and light, she finds a canvas for her testimony, painting with the hues of endurance and the brushstrokes of divine faithfulness.

A Word of Encouragement to Worship Leaders

For fellow worship leaders, Lucy imparts a resonant encouragement: the intrinsic worth of pursuing the beauty of the Lord, the enduring anchor of our soul’s adoration. Her words, steeped in wisdom, beckon us to seek renewed revelation of Christ’s splendor.

Lucy Grimble’s* story, shared with humility and vibrance on The Walk Podcast, is a beckoning call to encounter grace in the unlikely — to see God’s spirit move in unexpected places and to sing a new song, one that resonates through the formal aisles of tradition and into the vibrant streets of contemporary life.

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Who is Lucy Grimble?

lucy-grimble-shedding-skinIn the heart of London, UK, stands Lucy Grimble, a worship leader and songwriter whose decade-long tenure has been marked by an unyielding commitment to crafting spaces of divine love and unity through music. With over ten years of experience, Lucy has honed her art as a solo performer and as the linchpin of a band of adept musicians and vocalists. Her music transcends mere performance; it is an invitation to experience the love of God, an embrace that dissolves barriers and kindles a deep-seated love for the divine, self, and neighbor.

Lucy’s latest concept album, “Between the Shadow and the Sun,” is a poignant chronicle of her three-year odyssey through the valleys of creativity, spirituality, and mental resilience. Born amidst the global pandemic’s uncertainty, this collection of songs delves with rare sincerity into themes of trauma, doubt, unrest, and loss, capturing the collective human experience against the backdrop of recent global events. The album is an exploration of the coexistence of darkness and light within the human journey, reflecting the dichotomy of struggle and hope that defines the contemporary Christian experience.

“I found that pain and suffering cannot be divorced from the Christian walk,” Lucy reflects, her insights informing the very sinews of her album. The project lays bare the process of learning to trust in God amidst trials, with introspective pieces like “Shedding Skin,” “Ready for the Dawn,” and “Plans” juxtaposed against the uplifting resonance of “Hope (Again)” and “Spacious Place.” The soundscape of the album is a rich tapestry of intricate piano arrangements, layered vocal textures, and a folk-meets-synth melody line, creating an auditory experience with a wide appeal, particularly for those wrestling with their faith.

Lucy’s fervent hope is that her listeners will find solace in the album’s narrative, drawing from the well of God’s unchanging kindness and mercy. She invites her audience to find a friend in the great darkness and to trust in the constancy of God’s presence. “Between the Shadow and the Sun” is more than an album; it’s a testament to hope, a narrative of wrestling, and ultimately, a chronicle of finding God’s light in the darkest of places.

When Lucy is not immersing herself in songwriting and music production, she dedicates her time to guiding others through workshops on songwriting and worship, sharing her journey and fostering a new generation of worship artists. Her career is not merely a series of records but a continuous outpouring of her soul, with more creative projects eagerly anticipated in the pipeline.

Lucy Grimble stands as a beacon in the realm of worship music—a lyrical alchemist who transforms the raw materials of life’s experiences into golden threads of melody, inviting all to partake in the beauty of God’s eternal song.

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