Divine Redirection | Image of Worship Leader Mac Powell
Episode 82

A Conversation with Mac Powell

A High Calling

In this episode of “The Walk” podcast, Joshua Swanson, our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, engaged in a profound dialogue with the artist and worship leader Mac Powell, whose seasoned wisdom shines through the tenure of his journey in Christian music. 

mac-powell-new-creationPowell, with grace akin to the silver strands in his beard, reflects on his newfound role as an elder statesman in the industry. He fondly recalls the influence of stalwarts like Michael W. Smith and Stephen Curtis Chapman, now passing the baton as a mentor to the newer generation of artists. 

Divine Redirection in a Time of Global Pause

Amidst the unforeseen global pause brought by COVID-19, Powell found a divine redirection of his path— from touring to becoming an artist in residence at a local church in Atlanta, joining hands with Dr. Michael Youssef.

This transition unearthed treasures of fellowship and community, contrasting the transient connections of touring life. As a solo artist and a worship leader, he basks in the continuity of nurturing relationships within the body of Christ. 

Humility and the Fame Conundrum

His humility, a byproduct of his faith and family life, repudiates any notion of fame going to his head. Powell shares how the acknowledgment of not being “good enough” serves not as a defeat but a testament to Christ’s sufficiency.

Confronting Lies with Gospel Truth

In his battle against the lies of inadequacy, Powell holds onto the gospel truth that his value and capabilities are firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. His fervent prayers and walks symbolize an ongoing pursuit of closeness with the Savior, an honest reflection of his dependency on God for every breath.

Mentoring the Next Generation

Powell’s insights into mentoring the younger generation reveal his excitement for the fresh voices rising in the Christian music space. He observes the vibrant faith of youth, their growth, and their commitment, which bodes well for the future of worship. 

The Indispensable Church

Addressing concerns about the relevance of church for young people, Powell articulates the foundational Christian doctrine of communal worship—pointing to the scriptural mandate not to forsake gathering as believers. He sees the church as an irreplaceable forum for mutual edification and spiritual growth.

Personal Goals and Spiritual Leadership

As a leader in the worship music domain, Powell’s goals remain steadfast: deepening his faith and understanding of Scripture, a journey inspired by his wife’s dedication to studying the New Testament. His focus on personal spiritual growth aligns with his mission in ministry and music.

Music’s Role in Spiritual Warfare

Speaking on spiritual warfare, Powell acknowledges its reality, emphasizing the vital role of music in the spiritual battle. He references scriptural instances where music and worship played pivotal roles in God’s plan, and shares his own practice of incorporating hymns into worship, a tribute to the rich theological heritage they carry.

Family Ties in Ministry

Finally, Powell* expresses the joy of touring with his family, where his children occasionally accompany him as part of his band, underscoring the intertwining of his faith and family life in his ministry.

As Powell left with a Chick-fil-A inspired “my pleasure,” we too are left with nourishment—but of the soul, fed by the earnest testament of a life devoted to worship, humility, and the stewardship of Christ’s legacy in music.

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Who is Mac Powell?

Hailing from the heartland of Alabama and relocating to Atlanta, Georgia during his high school years, Mac Powell would go on to establish the influential Christian rock ensemble, Third Day. This iconic group would not only shape the Christian music scene over their illustrious twenty-seven-year run but also amass a following that led to over 10 million album sales. Their accolades include capturing four Grammy Awards, one American Music Award, a remarkable twenty-four Dove Awards, and an esteemed induction into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. 

third-day-tourAfter the band’s farewell tour in 2018, Powell embarked on a solo journey, leading to the triumphant release of his album “New Creation” on October 15, 2021. Debuting at the summit of the Top Christian & Gospel album chart, “New Creation” marked Powell’s continued resonance in the industry. Its lead single “River of Life” surged into the Top 10 on Christian radio, while the album’s titular track “New Creation” remained a fixture in the top 10 for 19 weeks, peaking at No. 2 for 7 of those weeks.

Powell’s commitment to his faith extends beyond the recording studio, as he serves at the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta. There, amidst the vibrant congregation, he weaves life with his beloved wife Aimee and their children, fostering a home where music and ministry intertwine.

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