a Conversation with Philippa Hanna on The Walk Podcast
Episode 70

A Conversation with Philippa Hanna

Do you for Jesus.

Philippa Hanna Shares Her Journey, Songwriting, and Ministry Mindset

In a recent episode of “Conversations on the Walk,” Worship Leader Magazine had the privilege of engaging with Philippa Hanna, a talented worship leader and songwriter hailing from the UK. Editor-in-Chief Joshua Swanson led the conversation, delving into Philippa’s unique experiences, insights, and her approach to songwriting in a post-Christian world.

Encountering Revival

Philippa shared her personal encounter with revival, emphasizing that her salvation experience at the age of 21 was her own revival, a resurrection from spiritual death. Regardless of prevailing trends, Philippa’s songwriting remains focused on reaching those who don’t know Jesus or need a deeper connection with Him.

The Role of Worship

Exploring the role of worship in her church expression, Philippa highlighted its purpose to bring people into the presence of God. She stressed the importance of songs that not only encourage and give life but also serve as a form of teaching, ensuring they align with sound theology to reach diverse audiences.

Social Media’s Double-Edged Sword

When asked about social media’s role in her life, Philippa acknowledged its impact on mental health and wellbeing. While recognizing the potential pitfalls, she emphasized the platform’s value in teaching, vulnerability, and sharing life stories responsibly.

Relevance of Church to the Youth

Addressing the perception that church may not be relevant to the youth, Philippa encouraged young people to actively contribute to making the church relevant for themselves and their peers. She challenged them to be the change they want to see, even if it means writing the unsung songs or speaking the unspoken truths.

Cultural Perspectives on Church

Drawing comparisons between the American and UK churches, Philippa appreciated the cultural diversity in the UK, where the gospel can be a fresh perspective. She cautioned against losing the significance of the message amid cultural familiarity and emphasized the timeless truth of Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life.

A Journey Through Worship

Philippa shared her diverse experiences as a ministry-minded artist, adapting her ministry to different seasons. From touring with mainstream artists to coaching worship leaders, her journey culminated in a season of worship, expressing her faith in a vertical, honest, and open manner.

Closing Words of Encouragement

In closing, Philippa encouraged listeners to embrace authenticity and not second-guess what God has placed on their hearts. She emphasized the importance of creating community, relationships, and love within the church, urging believers to focus on what brings life to those around them.

Philippa Hanna’s insights offer a rich tapestry of faith, worship, and ministry. Her journey serves as an inspiration for worship leaders, songwriters, and believers alike, reminding us to stay true to God’s calling in every season of life.


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Who Is Philippa Hanna

Philippa Hanna is an established UK singer-songwriter whose independent career span over 17 years and culminated in her signing a recording contract with Integrity Music in 2020, marking the release of her first worship project ‘Stained Glass Stories’. Her music frequently draws upon her experiences of a turbulent youth and the Christian faith she found in 2004, crafting songs that ooze with honesty, authenticity and vocals that are as powerful as they are heartfelt. Philippa Hanna is recognised as a leading light in the Christian & Gospel scene in Europe and has a lot of experience in the mainstream music industry. Beyond being a gifted writer, worship leader, and storyteller, Philippa Hanna has been invited to open tours for household names including Lionel Richie, Little Mix, Leona Lewis, Wet Wet Wet and Anastacia, highlighting the broadness of her appeal. Two of her albums took the Official Christian & Gospel Charts #1 spot, with ‘Come Back Fighting’ peaking at #10 on the Official Country Chart. After the pandemic and becoming a mother, the singer songwriter has been gearing up to a new season of music. She released an acoustic project revisiting some of her most significant worship songs in late 2022, pointing to the continuation of her journey in this new chapter of her life as an individual and an artist.

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