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Episode 89

A Conversation with Red Rocks Worship

Clean Hands and a Pure Heart

Greetings, dear readers. In the latest episode of The Walk, hosted by Joshua Swanson, Editor-in-Chief of Worship Leader Magazine, we had the privilege of engaging with the Red Rocks Worship team from Colorado’s Red Rocks Church. The episode delved into their identity as a worship collective, their experiences leading worship in different cities, and the heart behind their music.

Red Rocks Worship: A Collective and Fluid Ministry

Red Rocks Worship Ascend
“Ascend” Red Rocks Worship

The conversation began with an exploration of why Red Rocks Worship* refers to itself as a “collective.” Tyler Roberts, the worship pastor, explained that their team is dynamic and ever-changing, reflecting the fluidity of their ministry. The team has seen worship leaders come and go, each bringing unique gifts to serve their local church. This fluidity allows them to embrace different seasons and continually welcome new talents, creating a vibrant and adaptable worship community.

Experiences in Different Cities

The team shared their experiences of leading worship in various cities, including a recent visit to Portland. They noted the unique spiritual atmospheres in different locations, influenced by the history and culture of each place. Sidney Bacon highlighted the distinctiveness of Portland, with its beautiful stained glass and pews, creating a sense of connection to the past and the deep roots of faith.

Songwriting and the Power of “Ascend”

A significant part of the discussion focused on their songwriting process, particularly the song “Ascend.” Kory Miller shared the profound journey of repentance and spiritual renewal that inspired the song. “Ascend” speaks to the purity and surrender required to enter God’s presence, resonating deeply with the team and their collective experiences. The lyrics emphasize the importance of clean hands and pure hearts, echoing Psalm 24.

Impact of Current Events and Spiritual Warfare

Tyler Roberts and Kory Miller addressed how current cultural events influence their songwriting. They aim to unify the church by focusing on the unchanging truth of Jesus Christ, especially in tumultuous times. Their upcoming album, recorded during a politically charged season, seeks to galvanize the church and reinforce the message that Jesus is King, regardless of external circumstances.

The team also discussed the spiritual warfare they face as worship leaders. Kendra Benay shared her personal battles with dreams and the importance of persistent prayer. The conversation highlighted the need to recognize and combat spiritual attacks with truth and prayer, rather than accepting them as mere life challenges.

Encouragement for Worship Leaders and Believers

The episode concluded with words of encouragement from Tyler Roberts. He urged listeners to stay in the fight against spiritual warfare through praise and thanksgiving. He reminded us that Jesus is with us in every circumstance, and that praising Him can bring peace that surpasses understanding. This message is especially pertinent for worship leaders and believers navigating the complexities of life and faith.

This insightful episode of The Walk with Red Rocks Worship offers a profound look into the heart of a worship collective dedicated to serving their church and spreading the truth of Jesus Christ. Their journey of fluidity, unity, and spiritual resilience serves as an inspiration for all believers. As we navigate our own paths, may we remember to praise and seek the Lord with clean hands and pure hearts.

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More from Red Rocks Worship

Who Is Red Rocks Worship?

Red Rocks Worship serves as the music ministry for Red Rocks Church, a dynamic multi-campus congregation rooted in Denver, Colorado. Since its inception in 2005, Red Rocks Church has swiftly risen to become one of the nation’s fastest-growing congregations, with vibrant communities spanning Colorado, Texas, and Belgium. 

Central to the church and worship team is a unified vision: To make Heaven more crowded. Red Rocks Worship dedicates itself to creating compelling music that exalts an irresistible God. Every faith-filled anthem they produce echoes the overarching mission of Red Rocks Church—to dismantle religious barriers and prioritize what truly matters: reaching people in need of a Savior. Regardless of the song or medium, the group’s singular aim remains clear: to proclaim the way, the truth, and the life found in Jesus Christ. 

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