A Conversation with Sarah Kroger
Episode 87

A Conversation with Sarah Kroger on “A New Reality”

We All Wrestle With Our Faith

Exploring the Depths of Worship with Sarah Kroger

In a recent episode of The Walk podcast, Worship Leader Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Joshua Swanson had an engaging conversation with renowned artist, songwriter, and worship leader Sarah Kroger. Their discussion ranged from the personal challenges of faith to the transformative power of music ministry.

Navigating the Wilderness

Sarah Kroger opened up about a profound period in her life where she felt a disconnect from God. Despite her strong foundation in faith, she found herself unable to perceive God’s presence, leading to confusion and shame. This experience, however, became a critical part of her spiritual journey. She shared, 

“As much as I felt like the real presence of God around me in creation, there was this moment where things shifted, and I felt like I couldn’t hear Him.”

Kroger emphasized that these moments of spiritual dryness are not uncommon and should not be a source of shame. Instead, they are an invitation to deepen one’s faith and trust in God’s unfathomable wisdom. She candidly reflected on the struggles and beauty of such a journey, underscoring the importance of honesty with God.

The Ministry of Music

Kroger’s first radio tour was a revelatory experience, showcasing the deep ministry potential within Christian radio. She discovered that radio stations serve as crucial lifelines to their communities, offering solace, inspiration, and sometimes even life-changing moments to listeners. This revelation redefined her perspective on her music’s reach and impact.

She highlighted the humbling reality of her music’s ministry, saying, 

“I write this music and release it and I submit it to the Lord and I just say, ‘Lord, do whatever you want with it.’” 

Kroger expressed gratitude for the anonymous listeners who have been touched by her songs, seeing it as a protection against pride and a reminder of the true purpose of her artistry.

Embracing Modern Tools for Ministry

The conversation also touched on the role of social media in Kroger’s ministry. Despite the challenges of comparison and the superficiality that social media can bring, she acknowledged its power to connect and minister to a diverse audience. A viral cover of “What a Wonderful World” on Instagram brought many non-believers to her page, illustrating social media’s potential to be a back door to Christian music and ministry.

Lessons in Belovedness

A recurring theme in Kroger’s work is the struggle with self-worth and comparison, which she poignantly addresses in her song “Belovedness.” Inspired by Henri Nouwen’s book “Life of the Beloved,” the song reflects Kroger’s journey towards embracing her identity in Christ, free from societal pressures and past hurts. This journey is ongoing, and Kroger’s transparency about her struggles provides a source of comfort and solidarity for many of her listeners.

A New Reality

The pandemic prompted Kroger to delve into new creative depths, resulting in her latest album, “A New Reality.” The album was birthed from a place of reflection, as she walked through the seasons, both literal and spiritual. The title track, “New Reality,” encapsulates her message of finding wonder in God’s creation and embracing the mysteries of faith.

Kroger’s conversation with Swanson illuminated the complex and often challenging path of faith. It’s a journey marked by highs and lows, certainty and doubt, but always underpinned by God’s unwavering presence. Her testimony is a powerful reminder that faith is not about having all the answers but about trusting in God’s goodness and sovereignty, even in the midst of uncertainty.

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New Music by Sarah Kroger

Who is Planning Center

Who is Sarah Kroger?

Sarah Kroger is a GMA Dove Award®-nominated artist, songwriter, and worship leader. She has released several albums, including *Your Time* (2011), *Hallelujah Is Our Song* (2013), *Bloom* (2019), *Light* (2020), and *London Sessions* (2023). Her latest project, *A New Reality*, is set to release on May 17, 2024, through Integrity Music.

Growing up with parents involved in worship ministry, Kroger’s love for music was kindled at an early age. However, the impact of bullying, combined with struggles with anxiety and shyness, kept her musical talents hidden for many years. Everything changed when she experienced an intimate encounter with Jesus during worship at a youth conference. “Worship became my language with God,” she explains. “It allowed me to communicate with the Lord in a way I hadn’t experienced before…it opened my heart.”

Recognizing music as a gift she wanted to give back to God, Kroger began leading worship globally, uniting people from diverse cultures and church backgrounds under the banner of Jesus. She is passionate about creating a safe and prayerful space through her music, focusing on an authentic portrayal of her relationship with God.

With *A New Reality*, Kroger hopes to convey that it is okay to question and to embrace the unraveling, knowing there is One who gently mends the tangled threads into a beautiful, reconstructed tapestry. The album features contemplative songs that reveal honest vulnerability and corporate worship songs that celebrate the magnificence of God. The entire collection offers new perspectives on suffering, questions, and silence as foundations for a renewed faith—one that is strengthened through struggle. Sarah Kroger invites listeners into this newness, encouraging them to ponder the mystery of God, rest in wonder, and see questions as a sacred path to a new reality.

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