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Episode 77

A Conversation with Sarah Reeves

A Christian And An Artist

In our latest episode of The Walk podcast, we had the honor of delving into the heart and mind of Sarah Reeves, a multifaceted artist whose journey in music is as inspiring as it is instructive. Herein, we provide a comprehensive look at this illuminating exchange.

Welcoming Artistry and Worship

Joshua Swanson, our erudite Editor-in-Chief, sets the stage by introducing Sarah Reeves, an artist who entered the music scene at the mere age of 18. With a career burgeoning with versatility and fervor, Sarah epitomizes the blend of artistry, faith, and vocation. The episode begins with gratitude to Planning Center and the Worship Leader Institute for their invaluable support to the community.

The Essence of Worship

Sarah defines worship as an everyday lifestyle, permeated with sacrifice and surrender, extending beyond church walls into the minutiae of daily living. She advocates for a worshipful life marked by gratitude and a constant consciousness of God’s presence, whether in passing interactions or in the creative process of songwriting.

Balancing Sacredness and Career

In the nexus of worship’s sacredness and the demands of a music career, Sarah candidly addresses the complexities she faced. From youthful band competitions to record deals and ministering through music, she navigates the challenges and temptations of the music industry. A poignant moment of self-reflection led her to pause writing worship music, recalibrate her intentions, and return with a renewed focus on serving the church and its congregants.

Challenging Christian Music Labels

Sarah expresses a desire for Christian artists to transcend the confines of labels like Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) and worship music. She aspires for a world where Christian artists freely create and perform across genres and settings, infusing their work with authenticity and spiritual depth that resonate with believers and seekers alike.

Creative Process: Pop vs. Worship

The creative process, for Sarah, remains fundamentally the same regardless of genre. Each day’s emotions and reflections may give rise to a worship song or a pop melody. Collaboration and conversation fuel her songwriting, whether for the mainstream or the church.

Encouragement Against Burnout

With burnout prevalent among Christians, Sarah offers solace, advising rest and the importance of supportive community. She emphasizes the value of seeking counsel, focusing on healthy relationships, and guarding against isolation and negativity.

Advice to Her Younger Self

Reflecting on her journey, Sarah would advise her younger self to embrace patience, accept failure as a part of growth, and appreciate the beauty in life’s trials. She underscores the importance of authenticity and the power of lived experience in songwriting.

A Vision for the Next Generation

Sarah’s enthusiasm for the emerging generation is palpable. She admires their candor and yearns for their fresh perspectives to invigorate the church. She encourages them to maintain their innocence, avoid the pitfalls of comparison, and harness their unique God-given gifts.

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Who is Sarah Reeves?

Best Days CD Sarah Reeves Easy Never Needed You Sarah ReevesMore the Merrior Vinyl Sarah Reeves

Pop artist and songwriter Sarah Reeves* signed her first record deal at age 18. Since then, in addition to pursuing her own artistry, she has dedicated a vast portion of her career to writing songs for other artists for TV and film. Her music has appeared in Disney Plus and National Geographic’s six-part original series “Welcome To Earth,” starring Will Smith; Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon international trailer; promos for “American Idol” and UFC; and on television series across major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Hallmark and Netflix, among others. Reeves has also been featured on tracks by high-profile DJs, including: Gattüso, Laidback Luke, R3HAB, and Armin Van Buuren. The Curb Records artist has garnered over 174 million global streams with music featured across multiple formats of radio across the globe including the U.S., Germany and the UK.

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