Benjamin William Hastings Conversation on The Walk
Episode 68

A Conversion with Benjamin Hastings

God is teaching me to persevere.

In the latest episode of “Conversations on the Walk,” Worship Leader Magazine’s Joshua Swanson sits down with the talented Christian songwriter and artist, Benjamin William Hastings. Hailing from Ireland, Hastings shares insights into his life, Christmas traditions, and the profound journey of faith that has shaped his music.

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Rediscovering the Presence of God

Hastings begins by discussing the challenge of keeping God at the center of our lives. He emphasizes the importance of recontextualizing God’s presence, sharing a personal practice inspired by the Lord’s Prayer that helps him maintain a focus on the divine in daily life.

Christmas Traditions and Influences

The conversation takes a festive turn as Swanson delves into Hastings’s holiday traditions, including quirky Christmas Eve present rituals and the absence of a nativity set in his home. Hastings also reflects on the influence of growing up in Ireland, with its rich poetic tradition and his exposure to hymns that continue to shape his songwriting.

The Art of Songwriting

Hastings opens up about his songwriting process, narrating a humorous tale of attempting to craft a worship song based on calculated criteria. He shares a pivotal moment in his journey when a prophetic encounter redirected his focus to writing songs that are first and foremost expressions to God, rather than adhering to predetermined success formulas.

Navigating Faith’s Valleys

The conversation takes a more serious turn as Hastings shares his recent struggles and questioning of foundational beliefs. He reveals a journey of wrestling with doubt and the tension between leading worship while grappling with personal faith challenges. Hastings’ upcoming album reflects this internal struggle, offering an honest portrayal of his journey through doubt, imposter syndrome, and the pursuit of light in the midst of darkness.

Encouragement from the Millennial Generation

The interview concludes with a look at the encouraging aspects of the millennial generation. Hastings praises the generation’s pursuit of honesty, truth, and transparency, citing a cultural shift towards authenticity. He acknowledges the potential shadows of this pursuit but expresses optimism for the positive impact it can have on faith communities.

In this candid and insightful interview, Benjamin William Hastings opens up about the complexities of faith, the creative process, and the ongoing pursuit of worship. As we eagerly await his upcoming album, Hastings’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the resilience of faith in the face of doubt and the transformative power of authentic worship.

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