Did I Pray Hard Enough? | Image of Songwriter Justin Warren
Episode 25

Justin Warren: Did I Not Pray Hard Enough?

His ways are higher.

What Christian hasn’t asked the question, “did I not pray hard enough?” One of my first questions for God, when I get to heaven, will be, “what took you so long!?” God’s timing and our timing don’t often align in the exact way we would wish. Given the expectation we have in our culture of faster is better, waiting on the Lord to answer while enduring any sort of pain or discomfort is not something that we usually handle well.

Justin Warren, a recording artist and worship leader, talks us through a journey he went on that made him doubt his calling. He was challenged by God to press in and wait on the Lord for an answer. Through that process, a beautiful new song was written and spiritual growth happened and he’ll share his story with us on today’s episode.

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Who Is Justin Warren?

Singer/songwriter and worship leader Justin Warren shares the hope we have in Jesus through his music. He recently released his Radiate Music debut single, “All Things Well,” which precedes an EP slated to release in early 2023. His most recent album, Moments, is filled with hopeful songs that remind us that every second of life is a gift from God that should not be taken for granted. With over a million Spotify streams alone, Warren has toured with artists like Sanctus Real, Rhett Walker, JJ Weeks, Finding Favour, Jasmine Murray and John Waller. He has also opened up for bands such as Mercy Me, Building 429, Natalie Grant and many others. Warren, his wife Laura and their two children reside in Raleigh, NC.

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