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Episode 13

Aaron Williams: Revival One Person At A Time

We're living in a moment that overvalues intensity in worship and undervalues intimacy.

Our culture celebrates things like “life hacks” and “faster is better” and “multi-tasking your way to success,” but all Jesus wants from us is to receive his Love and Abide with him. To develop a personal and intimate relationship with him takes time and a commitment to actually focusing on getting away and drawing close.

In this episode of The Walk, worship leader and songwriter Aaron Williams tells a story about a very difficult situation that he had to walk through and that forced him to the intimate places to meet Jesus on a deeper level.

Acts 4:13 says “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.

It’s an incredible reminder that the disciples that actually walked this earth with Jesus had another level of authority given their intimate relationship with him. The gift of the Bible and the Holy Spirit mean that we still have access to study with and understand the living God, while actually talking with him and developing that personal relationship with him. These phrases “personal relationship” tend to bring with them the baggage of being overused “christianeze,” but that doesn’t make them less true.

Thank you to Aaron for this great episode and his challenge to us to find revival through building that intimate relationship with Jesus.

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Who is Aaron Williams?

Singer/songwriter and veteran worship leader Aaron Williams recently released his full-length debut, The Hope of Christ. The Worship Initiative project features 10 pop-driven live worship selections extolling the boundless grace, love, and rest offered by the Savior.

Seeking to write lyrically rich and musically compelling songs to help the Church voice its worship, Williams has a passion for training and mentoring worship leaders and teams. He is the co-founder of Dwell, a parachurch ministry offering a range of resources for individuals and churches—including concerts and retreats; original worship songs; and discipleship tools. Williams also serves with 10,000 Fathers & Mothers (10KFAM), a Colorado Springs-based ministry committed to creatively shaping the future of the Church by encouraging and nurturing worship pastors. A resident artist with The Worship Initiative, Williams and his family reside in Dallas.

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