Does God Allow Storms in Our Lives? | Image of Worship Leader Benjamin William Hastings
Episode 26

Benjamin William Hastings: Did God Send The Storm?

It's still our responsibility through it all to keep trusting him.

Our God is good, all the time. In this episode Benjamin William Hastings asks the question, does God sometimes allow the storms to come? His question is linked to a journey through the streets of London during a literal storm, but the metaphor is relevant to us all. How many times have we cried out during a challenging season in life only to get to the other side and realize how much that season caused us to press in and build a deeper relationship with the Father?

“The only way through it is to Hallelujah!” Is a lyric from Benjamin’s song that he sings with Blessing Offor called That’s The Thing About Praise. He couldn’t be more right…we just need to praise our way through the storm, even when we don’t feel like it’s making a difference.

Today we say, “Hallelujah,” for those that are struggling with illness. We say, “Hallelujah,” for those that got laid off. We say, “Hallelujah,” for those dealing with the pain from the loss of a loved one.  On it goes until we are singing praises to our King no matter the storms we face. Amen.

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Music by Benjamin William Hastings

Who is Benjamin William Hastings?

Benjamin William Hastings, a Northern Irish songwriter, singer, and worship leader, was raised in Belfast but spent the better part of his twenties in Sydney, Australia. There he fell in love with Jessa, a beautiful girl who also shared a love for words, and a year later they decided to share a name. In their early years, they tried to write together but as it turns out, that was not very good for their marriage so they focused their attention on starting a family which resulted in two very perfect children.

While living in Sydney, Benjamin fell in with a church crowd who just so happened to be some of Jessa’s childhood friends – that motley crew was Hillsong UNITED. Thanks to their friendship and through numerous collaborations, recordings, and tours, Benjamin has been part of many of their biggest songs, such as writing and leading vocals on UNITED’s “So Will I (100 Billion X).” He also penned Cory Asbury’s No. 1 hit “The Father’s House,” Brandon Lake’s “Gratitude,” and Hillsong Worship’s “O Praise The Name (Anástasis).” Yes, he’s written a whole lot of songs which, if you add them all together have been streamed over 500 million times (not quite 100 billion, but it’s on the way!).


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