Using Your Gift for God’s Glory | Image of Worship Leader David Funk
Episode 34

David Funk: A Wound From The Holy Spirit

The Father is looking for worshippers.

It’s encouraging when someone is able to recognize when their gifting is from above.  We’re to use what God has given us to glorify God and not ourselves.

John 15:5 (ESV): I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

In this devotional podcast, David Funk, who is a member of the Bethel Collective and featured on the latest Bethel Music album Come Up Here, brings a great word that reflects on the importance of never creating an idol out of what you do.

This topic of worshipping the gift over worshipping the Father who gave us the gift isn’t a new issue, but in this age of secular humanism and the emphasis on self-fulfillment without God, it’s an important message we should never tire of hearing. We encourage you to pray Psalms 139 over yourself daily in a posture of repentance in order to ensure you are fully aligned with the Father and pointing the glory back to him.

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Who is David Funk?

Hailing from North Georgia, David Funk, became a member of the Bethel Music Collective in 2020, and grew up watching his father play piano on worship teams at their local church. He started playing guitar at a young age and began leading worship in high school. David thrives in an environment where everyone is passionately worshiping Jesus. His dream is to lead people into the presence of God, where every person present is solely focused on Him.


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