Josh Baldwin Made for More
Episode 90

Josh Baldwin’s “Made for More” Devotional

Let the Prince of Peace Come

Greetings, dear readers, and welcome to our latest episode of The Walk for Worship Leader Magazine. Today, we delve into an inspiring episode with a special guest appearance by the esteemed worship leader, singer, and songwriter, Josh Baldwin.

Fighting for Peace: A Journey Through Faith

In this heartwarming and profound episode, Josh Baldwin shares a deeply personal story about his family’s struggle with anxiety and the divine peace they found through faith. Baldwin, known for his powerful corporate worship songs, takes us on a journey of vulnerability, resilience, and the unyielding power of God’s peace.

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The Turbulent Season

Baldwin begins by referencing John 14:27, a verse that promises peace from Jesus, unlike any peace the world can give. This verse became a beacon of hope during a tumultuous time in his family’s life. In January 2023, while Baldwin was frequently traveling, his wife began experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks, reminiscent of a similar episode four years prior. This unexpected resurgence of anxiety plunged their home into a period of deep distress and uncertainty.

Determined to find peace, Baldwin canceled his engagements to stay home and support his wife. They sought the Lord fervently, praying for understanding and relief. During this season, Baldwin had a scheduled songwriting session with friends, including one who had flown in from Australia. Despite his reluctance to leave his wife and feeling creatively drained, he attended the session.

The Birth of a Song

In a candid moment of sharing, Baldwin opened up about his family’s struggles with his friends, which led to a powerful time of prayer and mutual support. This experience birthed a song that candidly expressed their fight for peace. The lyrics reflect the raw and honest cry for God’s presence in the midst of turmoil, calling upon God’s many roles – Savior, Friend, Healer, Defender, Provider, and crucially, the Prince of Peace.

Initially, Baldwin envisioned the song as a personal anthem for his family. However, as they repeatedly listened to it, the song’s profound impact became clear. It resonated deeply, not just within their home but with others who heard it. Baldwin decided to include the song in his live album recorded at his church in Tennessee. During the recording, his wife shared her testimony, and they prayed for others battling anxiety, turning a personal trial into a collective moment of healing and faith.

The Prince of Peace

Baldwin emphasizes the transformative power of Jesus as the Prince of Peace. Drawing from Hebrew meanings and scriptural insights, he describes Jesus as the one who removes all peace-disturbing factors and secures peace wherever He reigns. This divine peace became the cornerstone of Baldwin’s prayers for his family and their daily lives.

He shares how this peace is not a one-time experience but a daily journey. As a father, Baldwin sees the importance of instilling this peace in his children, teaching them to lean on God’s promises amidst fears and worries. Romans 16:20, which speaks of the God of peace crushing Satan under our feet, became a source of strength and assurance.

Encouragement for the Weary

In a heartfelt plea, Baldwin encourages those struggling with anxiety, sleeplessness, and worry to seek the Prince of Peace. He shares his own battles with worry, recognizing it as a tool the enemy uses to hinder our spiritual progress. Through prayer and surrender, he urges us to allow God’s peace to surpass all understanding and reign in our hearts.

A Prayer for Peace

Baldwin closes with a prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit to bring peace to all listeners, rebuking anxiety, worry, and fear in the name of Jesus. His prayer is a powerful reminder of the peace we can find in Christ, encouraging us to surrender our burdens and trust in His divine control.

As we reflect on Josh Baldwin’s journey, we are reminded of the profound peace that comes from trusting in Jesus. His story is a testament to the power of faith, prayer, and community in overcoming life’s challenges. Baldwin’s song, born out of personal struggle, has become a source of healing and hope for many.

Thank you for joining us in this journey of faith and peace. Until we meet again, may the Prince of Peace rule in your hearts and lives.

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Who is Josh Baldwin?

Josh Baldwin is a gold-certified singer-songwriter and worship leader who joined the Bethel Music collective in 2014. Starting his journey as a worship pastor for 10 years in North Carolina, he now resides in Tennessee. Josh writes corporate worship songs for the global church, reflecting his experiences with God in every season. His newest album, Made For More (2024), is his second live worship album, following his 2022 release, Where The Glory Is. This album features heartfelt songs for local and corporate worship, including the lead single, “Made For More.” His gold-certified single “Stand in Your Love” reached No. 2 on the Billboard Christian charts and earned him K-Love nominations for “Breakout Single of the Year” and “Worship Song of the Year.” Josh has contributed to several Bethel Music albums, including VICTORY (2019), Peace (2020), Homecoming (2021), and Come Up Here (2023) with his song “Time and Time Again.” As a worship leader, Josh creates spaces for people to feel seen, encouraged, and invited into intimacy with God. He lives with his wife Sheila and their two children in Thompson’s Station, TN, while continuing to tour domestically and internationally.

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