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Episode 03

Joth Hunt: Healing Over Cancer

I've just had a doctor tell me I've got cancer...

Praise and Worship Leader

How would you react if the doctor said to you, “it’s cancer?” Can the lyrics of a song increase our faith and lead us to healing? “I’m not going to let anything stop me from what God’s called me to do.” Joth Hunt, from Planetshakers, tells us the story of the biggest challenge he’s ever faced which hit him just 7 days before a trip to Manilla, Philippines to minister at a conference.

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Who is Joth Hunt?

Born into a musical family, Joth’s love for all things musical emerged at a very young age and drove him to learn multiple instruments to a high level of competence. He later developed a passion for songwriting and producing music that equipped him for his ‘call’ to write, produce and lead praise and worship with the Planetshakers Band—both in Australia and all around the world.

Joth is a much sought-after and influential musician who operates powerfully in his God-given gift and is anointed to bring a ‘fresh’ sound of praise and worship that transcends culture and creates environments for spiritual breakthrough. He has faithfully served in the Planetshakers ministry since 2007 and has invested in and influenced the lives of many aspiring musicians, singers and creatives— all around the world.

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