Kim Walker-Smith Devotional
Episode 86

Kim Walker-Smith Devotional: Mama

Fight For Your Child’s Heart

The Walk Podcast Celebrates Mother’s Day: An Inspiring Conversation with Kim Walker-Smith

"Mama" Song Cover Kim Walker-SmithIn a heartwarming special edition of The Walk Podcast, hosted by Worship Leader Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Joshua Swanson, listeners were treated to a profound discussion with renowned worship leader, artist, and songwriter Kim Walker-Smith*. This Mother’s Day special not only honored mothers but offered insights applicable to all listeners, underscored by Kim’s personal journey into motherhood and her reflections on parenting as a sacred honor.

The Legacy of Family

Kim shared her initially reluctant journey to motherhood, marked by fears and uncertainties that resonate with many. Despite her successful career leading worship globally, she revealed a pivotal moment when God shifted her perspective towards the legacy of family. This revelation came through struggles with her firstborn, Wyatt, whose sleep difficulties in his early months highlighted deeper fears Kim harbored about failing as a mother. Her candid recount of feeling abandoned by God, only to realize it was a moment of profound personal growth and healing, was particularly moving.

Your Role as a Parent

Her story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s role as a parent. Kim discussed the ongoing commitment required to connect with her children’s hearts, a task that varies in difficulty as they grow but is always worth the effort. Her narrative is an encouraging reminder for parents in the worship community that their primary ministry begins at home, with their children.

The Devil Wants Your Children

The discussion also touched on the broader spiritual warfare over the family unit, urging parents to remain vigilant and proactive in their children’s lives. Kim’s powerful prayer encapsulated a blessing for all parents, invoking God’s presence and guidance in their journey of raising children who are deeply connected with their faith.

Listeners were also invited to check out Kim’s new song “Mama,” a fitting tribute available in the show notes at This episode, supported by Planning Center and Life Audio, is not just a celebration of mothers but a call to all parents to cherish and fight for their sacred role.

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Who is Kim Walker-Smith?

Kim Walker-Smith is celebrated for her exceptional vocals and spirit-led worship anthems. Kim emerged as a prominent worship leader for the Jesus Culture movement in the 2010s. With massive hits like “How He Loves”, “Spirit Break Out,” “Protector” and “Throne Room,” Kim has amassed over 400M streams and a combined social following of almost two million. Kim’s influence extends beyond music as she is a sought-after speaker and an influential faith leader. She and her husband, Skyler, reside in Montana and have three children, sons Wyatt and Bear, and daughter Maisie.

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