Faltering Faith in Worship | Positive Hip-Hop Artist Lecrae
Episode 33

Lecrae: Taking God At His Word

Don’t take the life God has given you for granted.

On today’s episode of The Walk our guest is Christian Hip Hop artist Lecrae. His music has been a blessing to millions of people and though he’s not considered a traditional “worship leader,” we felt it was important to add his voice to our podcast. Besides, who are we to define what “worship” is? We’ll be platforming a lot of different voices going forward and we’re excited to expand our focus on those out there that would consider themselves to be “worshipers.”

In this episode, Lecrae tells the story of his tumultuous journey to a deep level of faith in God. Growing up as a non-believer, once he became born again, other believers not representing God well caused his faith to falter. As a part of Lecrae’s story, he fell into disenfranchisement with God due to those around him and their negative influence.

But God wasn’t done with Lecrae and the story of how he came back to an even deeper level of faith is inspiring. There’s never a day when we don’t need to be constantly reminded of God’s love for us and this great devotional podcast is today’s reminder.

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Who is Lecrae?

Before the Grammys, before releasing the #1 Album in the country (Anomaly, 2014), Lecrae dropped arguably the most seminal project in his catalog, Church Clothes. XXL said, “It’s impressive how he’s able to deliver a message without being preachy”, calling Church Clothes “a prime example of the reach of hip-hop music and culture.” The people spoke even louder downloading the project 100,000 times in 48 hours. People rocked with the mixtape because it was the first time someone planted their feet simultaneously in the streets and the Church without compromising.

10 years and two more entries later (CC2, and CC3), it becomes crystal clear that while Lecrae didn’t start Christian Hip-Hop (CHH), it’s his lane. In the 10 years since Church Clothes originally dropped no one has been able to keep a consistent focus on sincere Christianity and authentic Hip-Hop representation while enjoying the heights and enduring the lows like Crae.

On Church Clothes 4, the mission remains the same for rapper, CEO, New York Times Best-Selling author, investor, and activist: To represent faith and Hip-Hop with an Unashamed edge that challenges the Church to live up to its potential and encourages the Culture to reconcile with its Savior. In this entry, Lecrae gives his listeners an opportunity to see what it looks like to reconstruct a vision of faith despite the large-scale shift toward mistrust and disillusionment with Christianity in the wake of America’s racial tensions.

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