Episode 85

Meredith Andrews Devotional: Worship Is Warfare

Nothing surprises the Lord."

Welcome, esteemed readers and devoted listeners, to another enriching exploration of worship as a dynamic spiritual practice and a formidable form of spiritual warfare. In the latest devotional podcast from The Walk, hosted by Joshua Swanson, Editor-in-Chief of Worship Leader Magazine, we are privileged to hear from Meredith Andrews, a revered voice in the worship community. Her insights not only delve into the personal and communal aspects of worship but also highlight its profound impact on confronting the spiritual and existential challenges we face today.

Worship as Warfare

Meredith Andrews Heavens FrequencyMeredith Andrews, with heartfelt conviction, articulates worship as an essential strategy in spiritual warfare, not just for worship leaders but for every believer contending with life’s battles. She draws on poignant personal experiences and biblical narratives, emphasizing that worship is not merely a ritualistic engagement but an active, powerful stance against spiritual adversities. Her reflections are anchored in the scriptural account from 2 Chronicles 20, where Jehoshaphat and the Israelites, facing overwhelming odds, turned to God in worship before engaging in battle. This narrative underscores the pivotal role of worship in achieving divine victory, even when physical battles loom large.

The Role of Personal and Corporate Worship

Andrews’ experiences on the worship platform illustrate the dual nature of worship—it is both a personal encounter with God and a communal experience that strengthens and unifies the body of Christ. She recounts moments of vulnerability, where the act of worship became a conduit for God’s grace and power, providing peace and strategic guidance amid turmoil. Her testimony is a vivid illustration of how worship can transform personal fear into a declaration of faith and authority.

As we reflect on Meredith Andrews’* insights, we are reminded of the transformative power of worship—it is not only a response to God’s glory but a declaration of His sovereignty over our lives and our circumstances. Worship as a practice transcends the confines of church walls, touching every aspect of our lives,and empowering us to confront and conquer the trials we face.

In closing, let us carry forward the mantle of worship as our spiritual armor, emboldened by the truth that our worship not only reaches the heart of God but actively participates in the spiritual realm, bringing the Kingdom of God to bear on our earthly journeys.

May you find encouragement and strength in your walk of faith, and may our collective worship rise like a sweet fragrance to the heavens, declaring God’s sovereignty and love over every aspect of our lives.

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Who is Meredith Andrews?

Curb | Word Entertainment recording artist Meredith Andrews is passionate about writing and leading songs that keep people’s hearts and minds set on Jesus. Over the course of her career, the Dove Award-winning artist has been using her musical gifts, love for God, and her huge heart for His people – to teach and remind us all about the enormity of our awesome and loving Savior. Andrews was previously part of the Vertical Worship team, and more recently Belonging Co., her home church in Nashville. As a gifted songwriter and recording artist, she has been a part of multiple songs sung by churches across America such as “Open Up The Heavens”, “Lamb of God”, “Not For A Moment”, “Spirit of the Living God,” and “Faith and Wonder.” Andrews often leads worship at major women’s and worship leader conferences across the U.S., and has toured with Matt Maher, Natalie Grant, Big Daddy Weave, Vertical Worship, Phil Wickham, and Michael W. Smith, among others. Meredith’s latest album, Heaven’s Frequency, released on March, 22, 2024.

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