Episode 84

A Conversation About Red Heifers with Byron Stinson

Red Heifer Ceremony"

A Texan’s Journey with Red Heifers and Biblical Prophecies

In today’s exploration, we delve into a riveting conversation from the latest episode of “The Walk,” hosted by our Editor-in-Chief, Joshua Swanson, with the distinguished Byron Stinson, a Texas native. This episode invites us into the profound layers of a project that’s stirred significant global interest among various faith communities—the transportation of five red heifers to Israel.

A Mission Rooted in Prophecy

The endeavor that Byron Stinson has embarked upon is not just a logistic challenge but a profound fulfillment of Biblical prophecies, resonating deeply with both Christian and Jewish eschatological traditions. As Joshua introduced Byron, we were reminded of the scripture’s call for a red heifer in Numbers 19—a requirement for the biblical purification rites essential for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple.

A Divine Call and Response

Byron’s narrative is a powerful testimony to a divine calling. At the tender age of 14, Byron heard what he believed to be a conversation between God and Lucifer, foretelling his future involvement with the Jewish people. This experience set the stage for his lifelong commitment to this cause, despite not knowing any Jewish individuals at the time. His story is a vivid illustration of faith’s journey from prophecy to action.

Engagement in Israel

Byron’s contributions to Israel began in earnest in 2007, funded by an unexpected boon from gas wells on his property. Instead of personal gain, Byron chose to dedicate these resources to fostering closer ties between Christian pastors and Jewish scholars in Israel. This initiative reflects a broader vision of unity and mutual enrichment between the faiths, grounded in shared reverence for sacred texts and histories.

The Red Heifer Project

The quest for the red heifers involved not only meticulous planning and coordination—engaging ranchers across Texas through modern technology—but also a significant spiritual and communal effort. The selected heifers, particularly distinguished by their pure red color, symbolize more than just animals; they are a bridge to fulfilling ancient rites that hold profound contemporary significance.

Interfaith Relations and Future Hopes

Byron passionately discussed the implications of the red heifer project on Christian-Jewish relations, emphasizing the covenantal relationship with God that both faiths cherish. He views these efforts as a step towards realizing a scriptural prophecy that envisions a unity in worship among all of God’s children on the Temple Mount, promoting peace and mutual respect among the Abrahamic faiths.

A Call to Action

The episode was not just a recounting of past deeds but a fervent call to action for Christians to engage more deeply with their spiritual heritage and support the Jewish community in tangible ways. This aligns with our magazine’s vision of nurturing a house of prayer for all nations, drawing us closer to the divine promise of peace and reconciliation.

As we reflect on Byron’s endeavors and the theological underpinnings discussed in this episode, let us consider how we, too, can contribute to this grand narrative of faith, hope, and unity. May our paths be guided by wisdom, and our actions be a testament to the love and obedience we owe to our Creator.

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Who is Byron Stinson?

Byron Stinson, alongside his wife Tammy, are devout Judeo-Christian adherents of the God of Abraham and the Messianic promise through David’s lineage. Byron diligently serves as an international fundraiser and advisor for Boneh Israel, an organization dedicated to the restoration and building up of Israel, as inspired by prophetic scriptures such as Ezekiel 37:16. This passage symbolically unites the tribes of Israel, signifying their divine reunification.

Residing on the southern edge of Jerusalem with a picturesque view of the Shepherd’s fields near Bethlehem, Byron, Tammy, and their youngest son, Isaac, also maintain a charming farm along the Brazos River in Glen Rose, Texas. In 2007, the couple established the Father’s House Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity that promotes mercy ministries and organizes educational pilgrimages to Israel.

The Stinsons, blessed with eight children and over seventeen grandchildren, find profound joy in serving the Lord and contributing to their various enterprises, including Glen Rose Transportation Management Inc. and National Fleet Tracking LLC. Their careers are supported by a dedicated team, ensuring integrity and value in their services.

Byron’s leadership extends beyond business, having chaired the Glen Rose ISD Board, the Somervell County Library Board, and other significant roles within his community. He has contributed as President of The Promise in Glen Rose, the parks and recreation department of Somervell County, a central education district encompassing 40 schools, and as a member of the Somervell County Central Appraisal District. He also served as a constable in Somervell County from 1976 to 1979.

In a notable recent development, rabbis from Jerusalem authenticated 21 red heifers in Texas, overseen by Boneh Israel, marking a significant step in their journey to Israel, aligning with scriptural prophecy and the Stinsons’ faith-driven initiatives.

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A Conversation About Red Heifers with Byron Stinson

This episode invites us into the profound layers of a project that’s stirred significant global interest among various faith communities—the transportation of five red heifers to Israel.

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