Skye Reedy Promise Keeper Devotional
Episode 91

Skye Reedy Devotional: The Power of Testimony

Healing Through Faith

Embracing Healing Through Faith: Skye Reedy’s Journey

In the latest episode of The Walk Podcast, hosted by Joshua Swanson, the Editor-in-Chief of Worship Leader Magazine, listeners are introduced to Skye Reedy, a talented songwriter, worship leader, and native Floridian. Skye’s story is one of profound faith, healing, and the transformative power of testimony.

Skye Reedy’s Testimony

Skye Reedy starts her devotional by sharing her background and current life in Nashville. She emphasizes the power of testimony, explaining that the term means “to do again with the same power and the same authority.” Skye believes that personal experiences with God can inspire faith and revive hope, both in daily life and in worship.

Skye recounts her difficult childhood marked by a painful autoimmune disease that affected her and other family members. Despite her family’s strong faith, the illness caused her significant pain and led to the loss of her mother during her high school years. This period of grief and questioning distanced her from God.

However, moving to Nashville for college marked a turning point. Friends who loved the Lord invited her to church, and during a young adults service, she had a life-changing encounter with God. A pastor’s words resonated with her deeply, leading her to release her pain and embrace God’s healing love.

From that moment, Skye dedicated her life to sharing the love and healing power of God through music. She explains how singing brought her joy during her sickness and how the Holy Spirit used music to touch her heart. After college, doors opened for her to travel and sing with artists like Mandisa and Michael W. Smith, further nurturing her faith and healing.

Your Church Skye Reedy

Learning About Physical Healing

Skye shares how God began teaching her about physical healing, an area she initially felt uncertain about. Surrounded by faithful friends, she dove into scriptures about healing, reading stories and testimonies that strengthened her faith. She highlights the importance of laying disappointment at Jesus’s feet and learning to pray with faith and hope.

Skye recounts a powerful moment while watching an online church service, where she felt a chronic fatigue lift from her body, sensing God’s healing presence. Subsequent tests confirmed her healing, both physically and spiritually. She stresses that if God could heal her, He could do it for anyone.

The Power of Worship and Testimony

Skye emphasizes that leading worship and singing from one’s history with God is impactful beyond words. Whether shared in gatherings or from the heart, testimonies remind people of God’s faithfulness and encourage them to lift their eyes to Jesus. She enjoys praying for guidance on song choices and singing scriptures and prayers during worship, believing it can shift hearts and renew spirits.

A Powerful Devotional

Skye Reedy’s testimony on The Walk Podcast is a profound reminder of the power of faith, the importance of testimony, and the transformative love of God. Her journey from sickness to healing, both physical and spiritual, underscores the message that God’s plans for us are good, and His healing power is real and accessible.

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New Music From Skye Reedy

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Who is Skye Reedy?

Skye Reedy is a seasoned vocalist, worship leader, and songwriter known for her contributions to Grammy, Billboard, Dove, and K-LOVE award-winning albums. She has collaborated with artists like Mandisa, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Cece Winans, Jon Batiste, Cody Carnes, and Brandon Lake. With over two decades of experience, she has led worship in 10 countries and performed at iconic venues like Times Square, Central Park, Red Rocks Amphitheater, and The Grand Ole Opry.

Skye’s journey with God is marked by testimonies of miracles, including her own miraculous healing from a chronic disease. Her passion for the church and encountering Jesus in worship fuels her ministry and songwriting. Her upcoming debut album features anthems of praise and prayers for healing, with singles like “Promise Keeper feat. Joe L. Barnes,” “Crown Him,” “Only Jesus,” and “Names of God” gaining significant attention.

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