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Episode 22

Steve Fry: Your Ministry To God

Ministry itself had become an idol.

In this episode of The Walk; a devotionals podcast led by worship leaders, Steven Fry addresses one of the most common side effects of full-time ministry. We enter with passion for the ministry, but in our human failure that passion turns those serving into slaves of the ministry instead of servants of the almighty God.

Steve is a pastor, worship leader, artist, playwright, and author. In his 50 years in ministry, he has served in almost every role you can imagine. His wisdom for how to stay focused on what’s important, which is his personal relationship with Jesus, over what’s tangible and feels important, the daily work of the ministry, has been the key to sustaining him for those 50+ years.

He pulls from a story that isn’t often preached and comes from Ezekiel 44 and surrounds the Levitical Priests called the Sons of Zadok. This episode is sure to challenge and encourage anyone, whether you serve in full-time ministry or not. In essence, we are all ministers in whatever role we fill our daily lives with, so listen and please respond with comments and shares. We would love to see this amazing message reach more and more people who are falling into the temptation of striving for the world instead of abiding with Jesus.

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Who is Steven Fry?

Steve Fry serves as Senior Pastor of The Gate Community Church, located in Franklin, Tennessee and is the President of Messenger Fellowship. Steve received his Masters Degree in Theology from Wesley Institute, a member college of the Sydney College of Divinity.

As a pastor, best-selling author (I AM: The Unveiling of God), composer, and recording artist, Steve blends worship and scriptural teaching in a way that is relevant and revelatory. His well known songs include Oh the glory of His Presence and I Want To Know You More. Steve has traveled the globe speaking at churches, conferences, leading missions teams and touring with his musicals (We are Called, Thy Kingdom Come). He and his wife, Nancy, have three children.

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