Tiffany Hudson Interview
Episode 58

Tiffany Hudson Devotional: John The Baptist The Worship Leader

We are preparing the way for Jesus.

Tiffany Hudson of Elevation Worship uses an unlikely Bible character as an example of her “favorite worship leader.” John the Baptist isn’t necessarily remembered for his lyrical skills or musical abilities, but his heart is positioned in a posture of worship like few others written about in scripture. Tiffany’s devotional today teaches us how to posture ourselves in the same way as this great worship leader did when he fulfilled prophesy and prepared a way for the savior to come. 

Key Takeaways:

  • John the Baptist recognized when the Spirit of God walked into the room.
  • John prepared the way for Jesus.
  • John was a prophet who always pointed back to Jesus.
  • John preached a message of repentance. Repentance must be a part of our daily walk as Believers.

Matthew 3:1-3 In those days John the Baptist came, preaching in the wilderness of Judea 2 and saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” 3 This is he who was spoken of through the prophet Isaiah: “A voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him.’”[a]


In this episode of “The Walk,” Tiffany Hudson, an artist, songwriter, and worship leader known for her work with Elevation Worship, shares her insights on what makes a great worship leader. Tiffany reflects on her own journey as a worship leader and discusses why she considers John the Baptist to be an exemplary figure in this role. Here’s a summary of the key points:

Tiffany introduces herself as someone who grew up as a pastor’s kid, often being called upon to fill various roles in her parents’ church, including worship leading. She acknowledges that her journey into worship leading was not planned but became a calling she embraced.

Tiffany’s first point is that a great worship leader, like John the Baptist, should recognize when the Spirit of God enters the room. She cites the biblical account of John leaping in his mother’s womb when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, entered the room. Tiffany emphasizes the importance of worship leaders discerning those moments when there is a distinct shift in the atmosphere, signifying the presence of God. She shares personal memories of seeking God’s presence through music and singing.

The second point Tiffany discusses is how John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus. She draws a parallel between John’s mission and the role of modern worship leaders, which is to prepare hearts for an encounter with Jesus. Tiffany highlights the importance of creating an environment where people can connect with God by addressing their unique struggles and experiences.

The third point Tiffany makes is that John the Baptist always pointed back to Jesus. She underscores the humility and responsibility of worship leaders to direct people’s attention away from themselves and toward Jesus. She reflects on the need for worship leaders to continually repent and stay focused on their purpose.

Tiffany closes the episode with a prayer, asking for guidance and humility for all worship leaders in carrying out their mission to prepare the way for Jesus.

The episode also includes a brief segment featuring Aaron Stewart, the Co-founder of Planning Center, discussing the free features available in Planning Center People and how they can benefit churches.

In summary, Tiffany Hudson’s insights emphasize the importance of recognizing God’s presence, preparing hearts for Jesus, and consistently pointing people back to Him as key qualities of a great worship leader, drawing inspiration from the example of John the Baptist.

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Who is Tiffany Hudson?

Tiffany Hudson grew up in the church as a Pastor’s kid, always knowing she wanted to be in ministry. “I felt God draw my heart to Him and I began to fall in love with His presence,” Tiffany shares. “I didn’t know what it would look like or how God would use me, I just knew I was meant to serve His church.” It was also at her parent’s church where she started honing in on her worship-leading skills, learning to play multiple instruments and write songs. 

Today, Tiffany is an award-winning songwriter (“Graves Into Gardens,” “Wait On You,” “Never Lost,” among others), a member of the GRAMMY Award-winning group Elevation Worship, and a worship leader at Elevation Church. 

She has also been honored to be part of the numerous accolades Elevation Worship has received:  RIAA Gold® certification status for their song “Graves Into Gardens,” a GRAMMY Award® in 2022 for their collaborative album with Maverick City Music Old Church Basement, two Billboard Music Awards® (in 2021 as Top Christian Artist and Top Christian Song “Graves Into Gardens”). Along with two GMA Dove Awards® in 2021 (Top Worship Recorded Song, “Graves Into Gardens;” Top Worship Album, Old Church Basement), she has also received additional GMA Dove Award nominations with the group.

Tiffany released her solo debut album, Hidden Here, on Elevation Worship Records which features a variety of styles that have individual worship focus as opposed to the corporate worship style Elevation Worship delivers.

She shares, “After a season of what felt like a creative drought, I began to sit down at my piano and felt the Lord begin to download songs and themes that felt very important to Him.”

Who Is Elevation Worship?

Elevation Worship is the worship ministry of Elevation Church, a multisite church based in Charlotte, N.C. led by Pastor Steven Furtick.

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What Is Planning Center?

Planning Center is a set of software tools to help you organize information, coordinate events, communicate with your team, and connect with your congregation.



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