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Episode 53

Yancy: Noah and His “Yes”

Noah obeyed God.

It’s always incredible when a story that we’ve heard our entire lives turns into a story that we feel like we’re hearing for the first time. As we grow in our faith and understanding of his Word, the Lord reveals more layers of truth and allows us to experience things that open up our eyes to new revelations. This story of Noah, as told from the perspective of our special guest Yancy, is one of those special stories that takes on new meaning as we are faced with challenges. 

Genesis 6:9 This is the account of Noah and his family. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God. 

God is asking for our “Yes.” So often we miss that because we’re not listening. Yancy’s fantastic devotional challenges us to stop, listen, and respond to the voice of the Lord with the same passion and commitment that Noah did when he was asked to build a giant boat. It made no sense at the time, but he had given his “Yes” to God, and because of that Noah’s actions changed the course of history. Thanks, Noah!

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Who is Yancy?

From Yancy: From the time in my life that I was in single digits, I always knew God had put me on this earth to do music. Looking back I realize a lot of adults that surrounded me were aware, at least on some level, of what God had for me because they were cheering me on and encouraging me in an unprecedented way. I made my first album and hit the road performing concerts when I was a senior in high school and never looked back. In so many ways these twenty-five years have played differently than what I dreamed. The journey has certainly looked different than what my mind’s eye teenage dream could imagine, but to be fair, the pieces of my story have in many ways been so much sweeter. Ephesians 3:20 & 21 are still two of my favorite verses and for this milestone of my career and ministry, I can’t help but smile and realize that it truly has been better than what I could ask, think or imagine.

I’ve spent all 25 years of my music career as an independent artist. I’m certainly an unconventional artist and the fact that God has allowed me to fulfill my calling to make and perform music full-time is icing on the cake. Part underdog, part Energizer bunny. Part the little engine that could: I’m still here. Still doing what I love making Jesus loud.

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