Music Review | “For The Ones We Love” By Jonas Myrin

Most known in the worship space for writing anthems like “10,000 Reasons,” “Cornerstone” and “Great Things,” among many more, Jonas Myrin took the next step last year and launched his own solo project. 

The newest single to come from his solo work, “For The Ones We Love” is a powerful track about the impact selfless and unconditional love makes in the lives of those around us and in the world at large. 

You don’t think twice / To do what’s right / Lay down your pride / Lay down your life / What we do for the ones we love,” the lyrics sing out. 

For a writer/artist such as Myrin who views music as an offering of hope and a prayer of love, “For The Ones We Love” is a timely message that’s never been more needed than right now. 


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