Music Review | “Good God Almighty” By Crowder

Few names in the worship genre have stood the test of time quite like Crowder. First as the worship collective known as the David Crowder Band and then on his own, simply known as Crowder, the singer/songwriter has given the church countless anthems of praise to sing over the years.

The latest release from Crowder flows from his involvement with the annual Passion conference and Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia. “Good God Almighty,” first featured at this year’s fully-online conference, is a feel-good worship moment about the goodness of God and our desire to praise Him for all He has done.

Good God almighty / I hope You’ll find me praising Your name no matter what comes / ‘cause I know where I’d be without Your mercy / so I’ll keep praising Your name at the top of my lungs,” the joyful chorus declares.

Backed by a choir of vocalists, the single is tinted with Crowder’s signature grungy/southern-flaired sound and would make for a fun worship service opener.

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