Music Review | “Life Love & Madness” By Sarah Reeves

Sarah Reeves has released her fourth studio album of pop flavored inspirational songs. Worship leader, singer and cowriter to all of the songs on Life Love & Madness, Reeves continues the pathway of establishing herself among the ranks of Christian pop’s influential performers.  

The inspiration behind Life Love & Madness is Reeve’s reflection of the decade she just experienced as she turned 30. Evoking the emotions common to many twenty-somethings, Reeves builds an easy-to-listen-to, radio-friendly collection of  songs that engage the auditory nerves with electronica evocative instrumentation and lyrics that are easy for those of any age to relate.  

More: 80’s influences combine with the sounds of new technology and reflective lyrical content to make this 14 song collection a likable addition to your fall/winter playlist.

Less: A stripped down, acoustic track would have been a welcome addition to this package and provided a sense of diversity.

Learn more about Sarah Reeves here.

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