Music Review | “Oh The Wonder (Single)”

Cross Point Music, the worship ministry from Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, is readying for the release of their debut full-length album with the single “Oh The Wonder.”

Led by Mike Grayson and backed by a choir of Cross Point vocalists, the song is a joyful proclamation of salvation and love written in the midst of the difficulty of the pandemic.

I’ve got joy that’s found in a heavenly hope / peace like a river down in my soul / I’m held by the power of the Holy Ghost / oh what a wonder,” the anthemic bridge sings.

With a tangible sense of freedom and peace in the rhythmic declaration, “Oh The Wonder” is the Cross Point team’s way of communicating to their church the message they felt God gave them: “Joy is coming, help people see it.”

“Oh The Wonder” is a powerful offering from Cross Point Music and a song that worship leaders will surely soon gravitate to as a service opener of praise for their own congregations. 

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