Music Review | “The Blessing/Thanks Be To God” By Travis Cottrell feat. Skye Reedy

Veteran worship leader and composer Travis Cottrell is putting his trademark vocals on the world-embraced anthem “The Blessing.” Once again blending the Scripture-based song with a song from his When the Stars Burn Down recording, Cottrell also partners in this offering by blending his voice with worship leader Skye Reedy.

The mashup provides an exclamation point to a near-perfect song and the blending flows seamlessly. It also serves to bring attention to the lesser-known “Thanks Be to Our God,” a song that certainly needs to be emphasized.

In a lower key, this anthem blend would be perfect for a moment of  reflection/benediction in your church’s service.

More: This song is a great blending of blessing and gratitude.

Less: At a 6:32 run time, this might be a bit on the long side for some congregations. 


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