Music Review | “You Never Let Go” / “This Is The Day” / “Roar” By Tim Timmons

There are few things worship leader / songwriter Tim Timmons loves more than crafting a prayer for the church to sing together. Born from an awe-inspiring testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness in his life, Timmons writes from a deeply personal place of trust that God is who He says He is and He is worthy to be praised.

The newest of those songs comes as a series of three new singles released over the first part of the year, “You Never Let Go,” “This Is The Day” and “Roar.”

“You Never Let Go” features the power-packed vocal of Tammi Haddon and sings of the closeness of God in times of difficulty. Lyrically full of the truths found in Scripture, this song is perfect for a congregational worship setting.

The next single, “This Is The Day” finds a more upbeat pace and feels like a good fit for a service opener as it reminds the congregation, “this is the day that You have made / I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

“Roar” continues to hang out in a more up-tempo space while still bringing an element of worship as Timmons sings of the power we have to offer a “roar” of hallelujahs against the darkness of life.

Drenched in Scripture, all three singles are timely prayers that further cement Timmons’ place as a songwriter who time and time again crafts songs that the church needs to be singing.

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