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June 8, 2021Leadership Articles from the Mag, Magazine

Loving our Baton-Passing, Triune God by Lester Ruth

What I am suggesting is that, when we direct our love to God, there is a deference that takes place among the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. In other words, when we seek to love One of these, that Person directs our attention to Another within the Trinity. The baton of love is passed among the Three.

June 8, 2021Leadership Articles from the Mag, Magazine

Awakening Prayer by Josh Lavender

I’ve heard it said that the first blood of atonement were the drops of blood Jesus shed in prayer. May his Spirit wake us up to the great needs around us and give us zeal, persistence and the singular focus to contend for God’s Spirit to fill our homes, churches, cities, and world. What would it look like to write songs of travailing prayer?

June 8, 2021Leadership Articles from the Mag, Magazine, Technically Speaking (Tech & Gear) Articles from the Mag

Moving Beyond I Do to I Am by Kent Morris

While vital, tech harbors the dark obverse of self-importance. As such, it becomes a simple step to move from using our gift to relying on our gift. The result can be a turn inward toward self-reliance, bolstered by pride. Eventually, we can change from a person used by God to a person with god illusions.

June 4, 2021Worship Leader Workshops

WL Set Design Workshop with David Bauer

Join David Bauer in this May 2021 WL Workshop as he dives into how to

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