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June 8, 2021Magazine, Songwriting & Music Articles from the Mag

Nine Foundational Pillars of Worship Songwriters by Chris Clayton

The call and responsibility of a worship songwriter is a lofty one. No matter the genre of music you write, it requires discipline and skill. However, writing songs for your church carries a weight like no other.

June 8, 2021Magazine, Songwriting & Music Articles from the Mag, Technically Speaking (Tech & Gear) Articles from the Mag

Songwriter’s Toolbox by Justin Morris

Songwriting is heart work. From the Psalms of David to the latest corporate worship album, it’s always the raw honesty in the truth of these recorded moments that keep us coming back. If you are an artist of any kind, you know these moments of honesty are rare, beautiful, and fleeting. But making art is a lot of work.

May 11, 2021Songwriting Workshops

Meet the Songwriter with Matt Maher

Matt Maher joins Jason Squires for this episode of Meet the Songwriter.

March 24, 2021Magazine, Songwriting & Music Articles from the Mag

Songwriting Q&A with Matt Redman

How do you create a natural flow and feeling of the lyrics without over-simplifying phrases

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