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December 8, 2020Latest Gear & Tech Posts

3 Tips for Working with Backing Tracks in Worship

Using backing tracks and click tracks does take some practice and dedication to master the new “instrument.” Follow these three tips to make the most of your experience integrating backing tracks into worship.

November 19, 2020Latest Gear & Tech Posts

Which Backing Track Provider to Choose?

Not all backing track services are created equal, as they all offer a range of functions, prices, and subscriptions. When deciding which service to use, consider carefully what options are most important in your church setting.

November 9, 2020Latest Gear & Tech Posts, Magazine

Technically Speaking: Congregational Connection in a Covid World…and Beyond

Today, online church services have a tendency to look and feel isolated. However, even when the congregation is remote, is there a way to see and hear their reaction? Are there techniques to use in order to create a more immersive experience? Yes, there are some tools we can use to restore the two-way communication between the servers and those we serve and thus thrive, not just survive, today’s challenges.

October 8, 2020Latest Gear & Tech Posts

The Pros & Cons of Using Backing Tracks in Worship

Backing tracks provide a way to increase and enhance your church’s worship music functionality. While interviewing worship leaders, most who use them have seen an increase in musicality. There are some cons, but mostly tracks provide flexibility and the chance at a fuller sound.


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