Song Discovery Vol. 132

Song Discovery Volume 132 was originally published in January/February 2017.

1Pop/Rock“I Belong”The Digital Age
2Pop/Rock“Let the Rivers Clap Their Hands”Nick Morrow
3Pop/Rock“Holy Is Your Name”Life Center Worship
4Pop/Rock“Once For All”Mitch Langley
5Pop/Rock“Greater Still”Grace Chapel
6Pop/Rock“Open Hands”Laura Story
7Acoustic/Folk“You Came (Lazarus)”Jonathan David & Melissa Helsler
8Acoustic/Folk“Lord Have Mercy”A Beautiful Liturgy
9Acoustic/Folk“My King Is Known By Mercy”Josh Pantana
10Modern Hymn“Grace So Marvelous”Prestonwood Worship
11Modern Hymn“I’ll Not Be Shaken”Wendell Kimbrough
12Special Music“Murderer a Mssenger”Ian Zumback

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