Song Discovery Pick – Raise Our Song

“Raise Our Song” Written By Bobby Gilles and Jonatan Barahona

In the words of the writers:

“Mountains of heartache and towers of pain
Be cast down in Jesus’ name
Rivers of hatred and oceans of shame
Be dried up in Jesus’ name”

We first heard “Raise Our Song” when a team from Sojourn Community Church (Louisville, KY) led us at the Doxology & Theology conference in 2016. I immediately sought permission from the good folks at Sojourn for us to start singing it at Capstone and it has been an anthem for our faith family ever since! We had a few live recordings of it (we record most of our gatherings) and had planned on releasing it on Volume Two of our Gatherings Songs compilations… But with everything going on in our world today we thought it would be timely/encouraging to go ahead and release it as a single. The song speaks so clearly and powerfully about unity in the Body, reconciliation, justice, and the fact that nothing/no one can stand in the way of King Jesus one day making all things new! All credit to Bobby Gilles, Jonatan Barahona and the team at Sojourn for crafting such a powerful, spirit-filled and true song.

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