Song Story: “Give Thanks”

“Give thanks to the Lord. All the earth, join the song.”

Often the songs that have staying power in churches, as well as hearts, are simple and concise; there is profundity in forthright communication (think about trying to explain grace to a young child). Whether it is a repeated lyric, an especially singable melody, or a well-arranged song, something in the unsophistication causes our people’s hearts to feel welcome and lean in a little more. This song, Give Thanks, is a great example of using few words, and not a lot of time, to inspire gratitude and evoke awe.


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Christian worship is about rightly-ordering power through the love, mercy, and justice of God in Jesus Christ so God’s people live as faithful worshipers, bearing light in dark places and spreading salt in dying places. We show God glory by reflecting His character in action, not just by saying or singing the Word.


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