The Six Hats of the Worship Leader: How to Staff 6 Roles That Will Grow Your Team, Regardless the Size of Your Church

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There are six roles or hats that take place in leading the 52 weekend services in worship. Learning what these roles are and staffing them well is the key to growing a team and preventing burnout and frustration. Leading worship is more than just a platform-driven event. There are people to recruit, schedules to keep, projects to manage, and communication to focus. On top of all the “tasks” there is the primary need for spiritual direction of all the people who make up a worship team. Learning how to leverage which of the six you should keep and which you should delegate can be the difference maker in sustaining and growing a team that can weather change.

In a smaller setting, people will surely wear more than one hat and most likely will be all volunteers. As a ministry grows, paid staff comes in to wear the hats that require more time or specialization. Here are the six hats:

Worship Leader: This individual’s role is the upfront face, and intuitively gifted individual who can engage a congregation.
Music Director: The details of music are important, so direction of rehearsal, preparation of charts and direction of the “sound” of the worship team.
Tech Director: This is audio, video, lighting and setup logistics both in detail and vision.
Service Producer: During the service, the details and flow are managed. (The larger the setting, the more this is needed.)
Programming Director/Admin: Project manager of the content and details for execution and/or person who keeps the details, scheduling and project in check.
Pastor/Executive Producer: Theology, the definition of the “win” for a weekend and organizational mission alignment as well as the shepherding issues on a team. This is both spiritual direction as well as organizationally driven.

The webinar would walk through how these all work together and encourage worship leaders to find which they are best to keep and which they are best to delegate and recruit others to take. Knowing these roles makes us “administer the gifts with grace” factoring in people’s shape and how that applies to leading worship.

Strategies for Building Congregational Participation in Worship

Taught by Dr. Craig Gilbert

As a leader, when planning and implementing worship what is the level of participation you are looking for from the congregation?

1. Appreciative audience?
2. Willing participants?
3. Engaged worshipers?
4. Interactive, symbiotic worship experience that melds leaders and congregants into the one worshiping Body of Christ? (wow, wouldn’t that be great!?)

Each of those example targets for participation is one step deeper than the previous one. Each step moves responsibility for worship from the platform alone to a shared responsibility with the pew (or chair). If you want something more than simply an appreciative audience in worship then you have to purposefully design worship with that goal in mind. Of course then you have to have a congregation that shares your point of view. Together we can learn and discuss biblical guidelines, planning techniques and strategies that do just that.

Dealing with the Worship Wars: Ego; Feelings; Preference!

Are you in a worship war? From the beginning of time, God and Satan have been fighting over worship. In Genesis, we see first-hand three “worship wars” that illustrate to us the pitfalls of modern worship. During this session, Dr. Vernon Whaley, Director of Liberty University’s Center for Worship, discusses the three main types of worship wars: worship is all about me; worship is about how I feel; and I worship better than you worship. Using scripture, personal stories and powerful illustrations, Dr. Whaley will help you understand how to identify worship warfare, overcome its challenges, and ultimately, focus on the One who wins our worship.

The webinar is taught by Dr. Vernon Whaley courtesy of Liberty University

Price: $39.00

Worship Leadership 101

Join us for a brief survey of essential practical tools to help you accomplish your new role more effectively and efficiently. We’ll look at auditions, rehearsals, song selection, dealing with worship team issues, getting along with your pastor, and much more. Don’t let your new role (or your worship team) become a source of frustration, but rather, with a few practical suggestions you’ll be ready for success!

This webinar is taught by Clay Hecocks, Courtesy of Ocean’s Edge School of Worship

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Building & Managing a Committed Volunteer Base in Worship Ministry

Are you having trouble attracting and maintaining a strong volunteer base? What are the keys to recruiting children’s workers, praise team members, techies, and musicians? How can you keep them once you’ve got them?

In this webinar, John Chisum, Pastor of Celebration Arts at Fair Haven Ministries in Grand Rapids, will share with you some practical steps to increasing your ability to attract, encourage, and maintain your volunteers in every area of your ministry.


Leading Your Team With Authority

It’s one thing to lead worship songs, but you and I both know that developing a healthy worship team goes beyond the ability to lead a quality worship set on Sunday. In a brand new webinar with Jason Hatley discover the secrets to:

• leading your worship team with God-given authority

• creating team values

• preventing disagreements (and how to get your team to buy in!)

• plus much more!

You will walk away from this webinar with a direct plan for leading your worship team at a higher level and fulfilling the call to lead that God has given you as a worship leader.

Price: $39.00

Every Tribe and Nation: Discovering Diversity in a Service of Worship

“And they sang a new song, saying, ‘Worthy are You to take the book and to break its seals; for You were slain, and purchased for God with Your blood men from every tribe and tongue and people and nation.’” (Rev 5-9). Shouldn’t our churches today be a reflection of eternity in heaven? But what are the effective tools and resources that will help invite and include a diversity of worshipers in your services? In this webinar we will be challenged to reach beyond boundaries and discover the beauty of cultural diversity in a service of worship. Using examples from the Latin American culture, Josh Lopez will share success stories, effective multicultural music approaches, how to be inclusive without alienating, even which songs have a good track record in multicultural churches.

Price: $39.00

More Than Sunday: Giving Your Congregation a Firsthand Faith

Through practical tools and techniques, Glenn Packiam will teach us how to help our congregations (and ourselves) know God personally. Often our congregations treat Sundays as their weekly one-stop God appointment, and our leadership style may even encourage this mindset. However, our role is to help our communities lose their dependence on their weekly spiritual booster shot, and become full-time worshipers. Glenn Packiam will draw upon insights of his newest book, Secondhand Jesus, in which he has learned hard lessons, but has become stronger because of it. Packiam’s honest approach and desire to teach and train is one of the many reasons to make sure you catch this webinar!

Price: $39.00

Helping Others Worship: A Philosophy for Worship Leadership

In today’s modern worship culture there is often a refreshing emphasis on musical style and cultural relevance. Many worship leaders have studied the styles and techniques of our prominent worship leaders without studying the heart and philosophies of those same leaders.. Are we the church the better for this? What happens when a worship leader has developed technical skills but lacks a solid theology and philosophy for worship? Do we become mere trick ponies? Mere juke boxes of the latest modern worship songs? Curt will build a foundational philosophy for the worship leader and the worship team. With a kingdom perspective and love for the church, Curt will inspire in you a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment as you lead others in worship.

Price: $39.00