Planning Worship: the Why, When & How

Taught by Aaron Steward courtesy of Planning Center Online

There are an increasing number of tools and applications made to help churches organize their worship services, manage their teams, facilitate rehearsals, and plan creative content. This class will discuss planning vs. spontaneity and give you practical tips on ways to layout your service, how to introduce new songs to your teams & congregation, effective ways to run rehearsals, and methods of keeping all of this information organized.

Solving Common Copyright Myths: Identifying Misunderstandings about Copyrights

Solving Common Copyright Myths: Identifying Misunderstandings about Copyrights
Taught by Susan Fontaine Godwin, courtesy of

There are a lot of myths surrounding copyrighted material and its use in the church. In this webinar, we’ll review then basics on copyright fundamentals and then identify the most common myths we come across, along with explanations and what’s true and what’s legend. Our goal is to better inform the Christian community of its requirements and responsibilities when using copyrighted works.

Programming the Church Year

Presented by David Edwards, courtesy of International Center for Worship, Regent University

Is it possible to create a one-month, even a 12-month worship calendar? Yes, it is, and it is easier than you think. Learn the ingredients of a successful long-range worship plan that breathes with the heart of God for your congregation. This flexible plan will help you manage your time better and still allow for last minute changes and adjustments.

Creating Seamless Space in Worship

In this webinar, David will cover putting together a set list plus talk about new songs in rotation, how many new songs are too much, and in what time frame should they be introduced. He will remind us why seamless worship music (flowing from song to song rather than stop start stop start), building on a theme, building on energy and intensity of the songs and what they are communicating, what worked the week before may not work this week, is so important to understand for our worship ministry!

Price: $39.00

Getting Beyond Groove in Worship Planning

How do you get beyond the way a song feels or just picking your favorites in worship planning? How can you shape musical worship and create services that really lead people into an encounter with God and into becoming growing followers of Jesus? We’ll look at 60-70+ proven questions to ask about song, Scripture, set and service designed to jog your brain and help you do just that. How can you pick the right songs? How should Scripture be used? How do you put together an effective worship set? What elements do you choose to make a memorable service?–all laid out in questions both simple and complex, as well as principles to consider along the way. This session will specifically deal with questions on Scripture, overall service planning and principles on helping your people grow through worship.

Price: $39.00

Orchestrating Flow in Worship

Creating “sacred space” is paramount to the overall effectiveness of a worship experience. Wherever God is welcomed, honored, and allowed to have His way is where He makes His Presence known. There are ways in which we as worship leaders can plan and cooperate with the Holy Spirit as we prepare for those corporate times of worship.

Price: $39.00

The Relevancy of Hymns for the Modern Church

Are hymns a thing of the past or do they hold merit, value, and relevancy for the church today? Find out, as songwriter, author, and pastor, David M. Edwards explores this hot button issue and shares personal as well as historical insight into the role hymns play in our lives and in the church-at-large. If you’re not using hymns, learn how to remediate their timeless truth in a fresh and contemporary way. If you are using hymns, rediscover their place and value among God’s people. This webinar will surely be one you won’t want to miss!

5 Elements for Planning Effective Worship Gatherings

There are many elements that go into making a service. However, there are five that need to be present any time the body of Christ gathers to worship. This class will take the student through each of these five elements necessary for a corporate worship service to be the most effective. These five elements are all drawn from the story of Jehoshaphat and the Children of Judah in 2 Chronicles 20 as they gathered to pray and worship. They are:

1) Prayer,

2) Planned Spontaneity,

3) Pliableness,

4) Power of the Spirit, and

5) Pastoral Direction.

A practical and methodical approach to considering and including these five elements is given to help worship leaders and teams as they sit down to plan worship events.