CURB | Word Records

For six decades, Curb Records has stood as a towering beacon in the music industry, distinguished by its storied legacy and diverse portfolio. From its inception in 1964 by the visionary Mike Curb, then a mere 18-year-old with a fervor for music, this independently owned powerhouse has flourished across genres, touching the hearts of many through Country, Christian, Pop, and Hip-Hop sounds.

With Mike Curb at the helm, the label’s journey began under the guise of Sidewalk Records, driven by his multifaceted talents in writing, composing, and producing. His early foray into the music world, underscored by a stint in California politics, laid the foundation for what would become an influential empire, boasting 435 chart-topping records and a rich tapestry of over 4,500 charted songs. Curb’s knack for spotting and nurturing talent has led to the rise of music luminaries such as Tim McGraw, Hank Williams Jr., LeAnn Rimes, and a constellation of other stars that have defined and redefined their respective genres.

Curb Records’ eclectic roster in its nascent years reflected the vibrant music scene of Southern California, embracing rock, pop, and country, and later expanding into the Christian music sphere with groundbreaking acts that shaped the contours of contemporary Christian music. This expansion was emblematic of Curb’s broader vision, seamlessly blending genres and breaking new ground.

The label’s relocation to Nashville in 1992 marked a new chapter, further cementing its role in country music’s evolution and bringing to the fore a new generation of artists. Curb’s trajectory has been marked by a commitment to excellence and innovation, culminating in the acquisition of Word Entertainment Group, thereby enriching its Christian music legacy.

Beyond its musical achievements, Curb Records has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to philanthropy, investing in education, historic preservation, and the fight against homelessness, embodying the spirit of giving back and shaping future generations of music industry leaders.

As Curb Records celebrates 60 years, it stands not just as a testament to enduring success in the music industry, but as a beacon of innovation, diversity, and philanthropy, poised to inspire and influence for decades to come.