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Instruments range from guitar, clarinet, trumpet, piano, synthesizer, pedal steel, french horn, cello, harmonium, waterphone, bowed mandolin, singing bowl, but it all comes together in an electroacoustic blend of powerful musi...

On My Side

A contemporary pop-rock aesthetic with plenty of synth and a strong dash of soul. Kim’s vocals are gently sweet or gritty and strong, depending on the demands of each song.


Breaking Sunday Segregation

Realizing that Sunday is the most segregated day of the week, Paul Baloche offers some small ways we can begin to break the racial divide.


What’s Your Worship Like?

When the music fades, does your worship still have substance?

7 Easter Lessons

How can the unique Easter worship leading experience inform the rest of the year? Here are 7 ways.


Effective Communication

What are some practical ways we can improve our communication in our worship ministry?


Here I Am Send Me

Recorded live at Hope Unlimited Church, the album has that live feel, and the high production quality brings the listener right into the room, which allows for a joint worship experience.

Worthy of Your Name (Live)

Most of your favorite Passion Conference worship leaders are back with another big, bright outpouring of already or soon-to-be worship standards from this year’s final conference at the old Georgia Dome.


The Invisible Man

How what you do on stage is influenced by the content of your heart.

Graciously Giving and Receiving a “No”

Telling someone they are not right for the worship team is a challenge; here are some thoughts on the process.