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Visual Worship

Curating a Visual Liturgy

Visuals can strengthen your liturgy just as much as songs or the sermon. Here things to consider as you gather your worship visuals.

In Addition to the Singing

Adding compelling multimedia elements to lead people to passionate prayer in worship.


Helping Worshipers See God

How to use visuals in your service of worship to proclaim God’s glory and majesty.

The Bigger Picture

Bringing environmental projection to your church.

How Word Clouds Can Strengthen Your Worship

Here’s a powerful and simple tool for you to use to add depth and insight to your worship leadership.

Interview: MIO

Looking for affordable and sustainable design ideas to enhance your sanctuary? Take a look at what MIO offers.


Why Does Visual Imagery Belong in the Church?

A breakdown of the “whys” of using visuals in your service of worship.

Should You Use IMAG?

IMAG can be a powerful tool … and it can be a distraction. Here are thoughts on the difference between the two.

10 Ways to Communicate Well in Today’s Visual Culture

Today, our communication occurs within a highly visual culture; how can we communicate well in the midst of this sea of images?

Illuminate Me

The visual art we present in church is more than decoration. It is more even than “art.” Our visuals are nothing less than illuminations of the living Word of God

Let Your Congregation Determine Your Multimedia Toolkit

Because we live in a world where resources and tools are falling from the sky like manna from heaven, we need to understand that just because we can do something doesn’t mean we necessarily should.

Photo Sharing and Your Church

A snapshot of how photo-sharing over social networks has taken off and how churches are using this fact.