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13 of Our Favorite Worship Apps for Leading

13 of Our Favorite Worship Apps for Leading

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This article was originally published in Worship Leader magazine’s Best of the Best issue (Nov/Dec 2016). For more great articles like this one, join our newsletter.

Pulled from this year’s Best of the Best issue, here are the apps that will make your worship-leading life a little easier.

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Our Worship Apps List

#1 – iSingWorship

Use: Flexible backing tracks and lyric projection for small groups or congregational worship.
Free with in-app purchases
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#2 – Loop Community PRIME & PRIME Cloud

Use: App for running tracks in your worship service. Change the key/tempo and customize song arrangements. Plus upload and store all of your own tracks for free with PRIME Cloud.
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#3 – OnSong

Use: Manage huge collections of chord charts and lyrics sheets for your band or worship team on your iPad or iPhone. Plus create set lists and transpose easily.
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#4 – Planning Center Music Stand

Use: Digital music reader so your team can finally go paperless. Freedom to use a tap of the foot to change pages, easily send messages to team members, take notes, and more. Plus it’s a Planning Center app, so your account is connected.
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#5 – Planning Center Projector

Use: Lyric projection software for your phone or tablet—perfect for the streamlined church/worship leader. Plus this one is also a Planning Center app, so of course, your account is connected.
Upgrade to your subscription to Planning Center Online
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#6 – Planning Center Services

Use: Here is how you access your Planning Center scheduling and worship planning to keep yourself organized and your staff and volunteers connected. A no-brainer for worship leaders.
Free but you need a Planning Center Online account to use it
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#7 – Playback by Multitracks

Use: Multitrack player that uses original song masters from well-known worship CDs. Choose which instruments to use and let the player support your live musicians. Plus Playback got a major update that includes MultiOuts with Buses and Smart Routing.
Basic is free with in-app purchases
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#8 – ProPresenter Stage 2 by Renewed Vision

Use: View ProPresenter Stage Display’s features including lyric slides, timers, chord charts and more. For iPads, Apple TV, or iPhones without the hassle of running cables.
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#9 – Shift Media Creator

Use: It’s a portable graphic designer on your phone. This app helps you easily create worship visuals that look like they came from a professional.
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#10 – SongSuggest

Use: Find the song you need by filtering this collection of worship songs using Themes, Key, or Tempo. It’s beautifully designed. It’s easy.
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#11 – Wee Presenter

Use: Presentation software for Android that lets you display song lyrics and send presentations directly to any remote screen via Wi-Fi or Hotspot. Powerful mobile presentation option.
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#12 – Worship Band in Hand

Use: Simple app to add instrument/band tracks to your service or rehearsal. Control the volume of each instrument on worship songs—even a solo leader can have the musical support of an entire team.
Free with in-app purchases
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#13 – Worship Team Director

Use: Create song lists of audio or video files and play them back for live worship with artistic control moving from song to song, skipping songs, or ending early, all with smooth faded transitions that keep a great flow.
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