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A Real Breakthrough In Microphone Design – JZ Microphones

A Real Breakthrough In Microphone Design – JZ Microphones

JZ Microphones

It’s easy to think that all microphones are pretty much the same – a lot of them look very similar, after all – but, in reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the true quality of a mic can only be measured by looking below the surface. Enter JZ Microphones, with its Golden Drop Capsule – a technology that’s just as impressive as it sounds.

About the Golden Drop Capsule

This is the result of almost 15 years of work – JZ was founded in Latvia in 2007 – and enables the company to create a lighter diaphragm in its microphones, which moves faster than those you’ll find in rival products.

To find out more about the Golden Drop Capsule technology and JZ product line – head to the JZ Microphones website.

For the user, this means greater clarity and precision, coupled with reduced colouration and distortion. In other words, exactly what every producer wants.

How the Golden Drop Capsule Works

How does it work, though? While other capsules on the market feature a layer of plastic coated with a layer of gold, JZ worked out that it needed to reduce the amount of both. So, rather than coating the plastic with gold, the company covers the membrane with tiny drops of it, which reduces weight and brings improved performance. Clever stuff.

This groundbreaking technology is put to great use in JZ’s flagship Black Hole series, which contains the likes of the BH2 and BH1S. These handcrafted products are designed for engineers and producers who demand the best – mics that can rival the best vintage models, and will inspire confidence in any recording situation.

Review of the Golden Drop Capsule by Pro Audio Engineers

There’s no need to take just our word for it, though – here’s respected audio engineer Rafa Sardina, winner of 18 Grammy Awards.

“When it comes to microphones, I keep my Black Hole at the top of my mic arsenal,” he says. “Truly stunning on acoustic instruments. So clear, smooth, and versatile. A real winner in all applications!”

New York based Grammy winning producer, engineer Marc Ursell who has worked with U2, Foo Fighters and Sting says:

“I love the Black Hole microphone. It is such a versatile workhorse that I’ve been using it on all sorts of things. It has great detail and depth, it’s very accurate and can take a lot in without breaking a sweat! It does very well when compared to many other mics that cost a lot more. It has definitely become one of my favorite microphones to use.”

US producer Sylvia Massy, meanwhile, is just as effusive:

“Besides having a beautiful and unique design, the Black Hole is a versatile microphone for many applications including acoustic guitar, piano and vocals,” she says. “I love this mic, it is a work of art!”

Golden Drop Tech in a Stunning Vintage 67 Mic

You’ll also find JZ’s Golden Drop technology in its stunning Vintage 67 mic, a retro design that sounds as

JZ Microphone V67

good as it looks. Engineer Dave Eringa used it on the latest Manic Street Preachers album, and it’s fair to say that he was impressed.

“The JZ V67 was a hugely important mic on the Manics’ new number one album The Ultra Vivid Lament,” he says. “It was the lead vocal mic for every track, a pair was used for drum overheads on every song, and it was also used extensively for acoustic guitar. James [Dean Bradfield] loved the presence the V67 gave his voice without ever getting harsh, and Sean [Moore] immediately loved the improvement to the tone of his cymbals that the mics gave. I wouldn’t be without them on any session!”


To find out more about the Golden Drop Capsule technology and JZ product line – head to the JZ Microphones website.

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