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Alclair Versa Review

Alclair Versa Review

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Function: Custom In-Ear Monitor

: $249

: The Versa is the newest custom in-ear monitor from Alclair and designed to be an extremely affordable entry-level custom IEM. The Mineappolis-based company has quickly become one of our favorite IEM makers in the past couple years due to their high quality products and fantastic customer service, and true to their reputation, the Versa does not disappoint in sound and features.

: Marketed as a “no frills” custom IEM, Versa features two drivers (one woofer and one tweeter) in a clear shell with a black cable. Alclair has designed this IEM to be a simple, straightforward IEM that comes in a black, zippered soft case with a cleaning tool. Versa comes in only one color (clear) and accessory options are limited to a black cable and carrying bag. The idea behind the “no frills” limited options means that Alclair can keep costs low and deliver a great sounding dual driver custom IEM for under $250.

: Versa’s dual drivers deliver a smooth and pleasant sound with a fairly balanced frequency response. The low end is emphasized slightly, making kick drum and bass guitar sound huge and up front in the mix. Midrange is smooth with slight emphasis on the lower mids, making keys, piano, and guitar sound full. Top end is balanced and present without being harsh. For a dual driver custom IEM, the Versa has extremely good bass response, making it perfect for drummers and bass players, along with a balanced frequency response in the upper mids and high frequencies, making it incredibly versatile for instrumentalists and vocalists alike. At just $249, Versa is one of the most affordable custom IEMs on the market and in our opinion one of the very best deals out there. Ideal for users who are looking for an entry-level custom IEM, Versa is also perfect for bass players and drummers who are looking for powerful, punchy low end in their ears.

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: Ideal entry level IEM, backup IEM, enjoying music, best for drummers and bass players.
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