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Alto Truesonic TS212 Review

Alto Truesonic TS212 Review

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Function: Active Loudspeakers

: $299 each

: Alto has been one of the leaders in sound reinforcement since its inception in 2000, providing outstanding products at an affordable price, and the new TS212 active loudspeakers do not disappoint. Providing 1100–watt peak/550W continuous class D power, the TS212 has enormous headroom in a small, lightweight enclosure.

: Sporting a 12″ low frequency driver and a 1″ high frequency driver, the TS212 has powerful low end and crystal clear highs with extremely low distortion even at loud volumes. Two XLR/¼”
inputs have their own level control so you can plug in a mic and an instrument without an external mixer. Ideally used with TS2 subwoofers, TS212 can be used as main speakers or monitors, making them extremely versatile for small to medium-sized rooms, or even outdoors.
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