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Audix MicroBoom Review

Audix MicroBoom Review

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Function: Low Profile Miniature Condenser Modular Microphone System

: $510-$710

: When talking about microphones in church, it’s so easy to get lost in the technical jargon about a flashy large diaphragm condenser mic or the newest line of dynamic drum mics, that we tend to forget one of the most crucial microphones on the stage: the pulpit mic! The Audix Micros offer low-profile miniaturized condenser microphones made for the stage and perfect for pulpit, choir or orchestra. The MicroBoom system, produced in several different configurations, is perfect for the church stage.

: The MicroBoom comes in three different configurations: 24″, 50″ and 84″ lengths, and it is constructed of carbon fiber, making it rigid and sturdy. Lightweight and able to connect to any mic stand, the MicroBoom can connect to any of the Audix Micros Series condenser capsules, offering cardioid, hypercardioid, high output cardioid, or high output hypercardioid options. Lightweight but extremely sturdy, the carbon fiber body of the MicroBoom is built for the stage and is ideal for situations where a low-profile mic is needed.

The MicroPod™ series combines the Micro series microphones with 12” or 18” goosenecks for podium applications. If you combine the 6’ gooseneck with the shotgun version of the Micro (MicroPod 6S), you get a low-profile footprint that keeps the user from leaning into the microphone and producing unwanted plosives.

The Bottom Line
: The sound of the Micros microphones is crystal clear with a relatively flat frequency response, making it absolutely perfect for speakers, pastors and presenters. We at WLM also loved the microphones for use of choir and orchestra because of its thin, low-profile appearance. With its elegant build, outstanding sound quality, and exceptional construction, the MicroBoom system is the ideal mic for the church pulpit, especially where appearance and space is an issue.
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