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Boss DD-500 Gear Review

Boss DD-500 Gear Review

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Boss Pedal DD-500 | Image of a delay pedal device

Boss Pedal Function

Digital delay pedal.

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Boss Pedal Overview

Boss is one of the most iconic, historic producers of guitar accessories in the history of the electric guitar, and the DD-500 is the latest in the next generation of their brilliant digital effects.

The DD-500 is one of the first Boss pedals that, well doesn’t look like a Boss pedal, moving away from the single and dual foot switch chassis to offer a sleek, white enclosure with black knobs and true by pass switching.

Some of the controls look familiar such as the time, feedback, effect level, tone and mod depth controls, but under the surface, the DD-500 is completely customizable and offers almost unlimited creative control for your delays.

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DD-500 Features

The DD-500 offers 12 different delay settings: standard, analog, tape, vintage digital, dual, pattern, reverse, shimmer, SFX, filter, slow attack, and Tera echo. Each of these settings is fully customizable and allows the user to tweak many parameters such as EQ settings, filters and modulation on the repeats.


Out of the box, the two switches “A” and “B” offer two different presets per bank, with the third switch being dedicated to tap tempo. There are other optional modes that allow the third footswitch to operate as a “C” bank, as well as another mode where “A” and “B” presets in a bank can operate at the same time. The back of the unit features stereo inputs along with an expression pedal input, MIDI I/O and USB connection.


The DD-500 uses 32-bit/96kHz processing for extremely high-quality effects, which really shines on the analog and vintage digital replication. Much like all Boss pedals, the DD-500 is incredibly easy to use but offers more flexibility in dialing in presets and tweaking sounds on a minute level. Our favorite presets are the Analog, Tape, Vintage Digital, Reverse and Shimmer.


We loved the attention to detail in the little things, such as how in Analog mode the sound degrades and becomes thicker and warm after a few repeats, or in the vintage digital the top end is preserved with a roundness that reminds us of 80’s U2. Boss has created a unique delay pedal that preserves the history of its analog and digital effects and introduces a flexibility that we’ve never seen before.

Boss Pedal Church Use

All-in-one delay pedal capable of modeling analog and digital effects. A valuable device for songwriting and production.


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