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Boss DM-2W

Boss DM-2W


Function: Delay Pedal
Price: $149.99

Overview: The word “Waza” in Japanese translates to “art and technique”, a fitting description to the new DM-2W, one of the latest in the Waza Craft line of Boss pedals. Based on the original Boss DM-2 (one of the most sought-after pedals on the planet), the DM-2W faithfully recreates the moody, dark delay sound of the original analog delay with a few upgrades. The original DM-2 is one of our personal favorite pedals here at WLM, so we were eager to see what Boss had up its sleeve when it came to the reissue.

Features and Sound: Equipped with the traditional 3-knob layout (repeat rate, echo volume, and intensity), the DM-2W looks very much like its ancestors in its dark pink paint job. In addition to the traditional bucket brigade style delay the original made famous, the DM-2W has a switch that toggles from “standard mode” (the 1980’s original) to “custom mode”, offering up to 800ms (standard mode offers up to 300ms), and giving a slightly clearer delay sound. The reissue also added an expression input to control the repeat rate, and a direct out that sends a dry signal. Side by side with the original DM-2, the reissue is a little cleaner and not quite as noisy, and seems to have more headroom, but offered the same warm, gooey, analog delay as the ‘80’s DM-2.

Bottom Line: Faithful recreation of one of the greatest pedals ever made, with upgrades

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